Five Points Alley

five points alley
five points alley

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The goal of this project was to engage the Walnut Hills community in an interactive process to develop a public space called Five Points Alley. This is a space that lies behind and between several buildings in central Walnut Hills which has five different alleys connecting to it. The area had become a dump and the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation was interested in rejuvenating it as a public space for the community. MetroLAB was asked to lead this process which began with a series of interactive community events. Students identified potential opportunities for the space from these interactions and created an event where the community could provide input and vote on their preferences for the space. The results of the voting illuminated several clear directives from the community:

1. The necessity for marking the entrances to the alleys.

2. The creation of infrastructure for exchange.

3. Maximum flexibility of program and use.

In Phase 1, community events were held, a flexible kiosk was built and a master plan for the space was developed.


Ifrah Arshad                  
Daniel Coleman              
Mike Darcy                      
Megan Dougherty           
Eli Dunbar
George Faber
David Haarman
Troy Newell


Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation    


Walnut Hills Commercial District


Terry Boling

five points alley
five points alley
five points alley
five points alley
Five Points Alley Phase 2

In Phase 2 of the Five Points Alley project, the master plan was further explored with the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation and adjacent businesses. Priorities were defined and students began a series of events to involve the community in the process of creating seating, lighting, shading, performance stage, and overall site design. Several events were held in summer 2014 to involve the community in the design process. Mock-ups were created and tested multiple times culminating in an evening event.

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Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation            Walnut Hills Commercial District


Terry Boling


Pooja Kashyup            
Ellen Crawford            
Jaclyn Gutierrez          
Joshua Fisher             
Petar Mitev
Ryan Duncan
Michael Rogovin
Kurt Huizenga
Craig Moyer