Findlay Market Bag Kiosks

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The goal of this studio was to work with The Corporation for Findlay Market and Youth Hope Inc. to develop a branded, point-of-sale terminal for an entrepreneurial enterprise that existed at the Market in the 1960s, 70s and early 80s, called the “Bag Boys.” Discontinued in the mid 80s for fear of legal reprisal due to its informality in a growingly litigious society, the Bag Boys, (now Bag Kids Program) was formalized as a facet of the not-for-profit Youth Hope Inc.’s community engagement programming. The challenge for the studio was to develop a successful liaison for the solicitation of donations in exchange for shopping bags for the Market.

The studio developed a set of six mobile kiosks that could be branded and used by Youth Hope Inc. as a formalized point-of-sale for the program, and secondarily be rented out by merchants of the Market for tastings, samplings and sponsored events. The studio devised a port for the kiosks that can serve as a depot when the kiosks are being stowed, and a terminal, or base of operation, with retractable shelves and seating that can be folded down and engaged when two or more of the kiosks are being used.

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The Corporation for Findlay Market                        Stephen Slaughter


Caroline Bozzi
Jamie Ferello
Jordan Fitch
Kristyn Hemeyer
Lee Meyer
Brent Nichols
K. Memarandadgar
S. Wickramanayaka
Sho Sugimoto