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Reed Gallery

Dorothy W. and C. Lawson Reed, Jr. Gallery hosts exhibitions that focus on the fields of study associated with the College of DAAP, with emphasis on current work in those disciplines brought in from outside the college to enrich the exposure of students to work produced elsewhere.


Reed Gallery

The Dorothy W. & C. Lawson Reed, Jr. Gallery is located on the fifth floor of the DAAP Aronoff complex and is the largest of the DAAP Galleries.  Located at the heart of the DAAP complex, the Reed Gallery provides a vibrant setting for DAAP students and the regional arts community in which to engage in meaningful discussions about the current state of visual culture.  With a focus on current trends and practices, gallery exhibition themes range from Art to Fashion and address all of the fields of study within the college of DAAP.  While the focus of the DAAP galleries is contemporary practice, the galleries do present exhibitions that approach practice historically by examining a process, a school of thought, or an individual of significance that exemplify the foundations of contemporary practice.  Within an exhibition season, students and professionals alike are represented through a serious of group and solo exhibitions that address a wide range of visual media. 

The location of the Reed Gallery provides countless opportunities for professors and students to engage in discussion within the gallery space.  Here they can directly address issues relating to their studies, as the gallery may provide examples of work to inspire dialogue and act as an extension and compliment to their class and studio work.  Additionally, the Reed Gallery is staffed by current students in order to provide practical experience working within a professional setting while aiding as a learning tool for individuals who are interested in the processes related to museum and gallery operations. 

Contact Information

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Visiting Guidelines:

For the health and safety of all visitors and staff, gallery visits will be by appointment only. Groups are limited to 6 persons at a time. To schedule a visit please email, leave your name, phone number, email address, and the gallery you wish to visit, and we will contact you to schedule your visit.

On the day of your visit:

  • Face masks are mandatory on campus and in all university buildings.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment and call to inform the gallery attendant you have arrived. Find specific instructions for the exhibitions below.
  • Visits will be limited to 30 minutes; however, if the appointment following yours is open, you are welcome to extend your stay.

The Reed Gallery (513) 556-2839
Hours: Wednesdays 1pm-5pm and Fridays 1pm-6pm

Location and visiting instructions for the Reed Gallery

When visiting the Reed Gallery before 4pm enter the DAAP building by the third-floor entrance located at the bottom of Clifton Court next to the Clifton Court Garage. Please check in at the reception desk and call (513) 556-2839 to inform the gallery attendant of your arrival. Proceed to the Reed Gallery located on the 5th Floor Rm 5275, and please wait outside the gallery for attendant to let you in.

***Visitors arriving after 4pm (after DAAP hours) should wait at the “Blue Box” entrance located at the end of the pedestrian bridge on Clifton Court. Please call (513) 556-2839 to check in, the attendant will come to the outside entrance to let you into the building and escort you to the gallery.

It may be helpful to view a campus map here

Metered parking is available on Clifton Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive; hourly parking is available in the Clifton Court Garage.

Directions: From Martin Luther King Dr. turn right onto Clifton Ave. towards McMillan Ave. (DAAP will be on left). Street and garage parking are available (garage accepts cash or credit upon exit). Gallery is on the fifth floor.





Hindsight is 2020"


Dates: September 30th – November 20th
Wednesday 1-5pm and Friday 1-6pm by appointment only

Still They Persist: Hindsight is 2020 is a critical lens through which we may look at the progress (or lack thereof) that the United States of America has seen over the course of the past four years. 

This ever-evolving living archive features more than 300 unique objects of resistance, which were worn, carried, and made for activation in the streets: still our most democratic and accessible of all public forums.

Featuring objects used in protests marches throughout the country since 2017, and traveling to various locations and sites, this exhibition of ephemeral materials aims to allow folks who have assembled, protested, and fought for a return of "light" and fairness to be reminded that their actions have an impact and that their words have a ripple affect on the world at large. 

As a passion project created by four otherwise busy arts professionals this is how the FemFour and our allies continue our work: by leveraging the skills we have to keep the hope that artists create in the world circulating within the public consciousness. 

Galleries such as The Dorothy W. and C. Lawson Reed, Jr. Gallery, which are open free to the public and contextualized within an educational institution, are an ideal setting for this collection as it reaches an audience already primed for critical thought and edification. 

The future of this country and what this precarious moment in history holds for us remains to be seen. But what this collection clearly demonstrates is that the power of the collective galvanizing against tyranny continues to hold the potential for radical political change.

Contributors Include:
Linda Wright Ali, Rebecca Allan, Ian Kruer Andersen, Inna Babaeva, Rebecca Baldwin, Hannah Barnes, Terry Berlier, Defne Beyce, Janet Biggs, BOLDFACE, Colin C. Boyd, Dorothy Burge, Jesse Byerly, DOVECOTE COLLECTIVE, Amanda Brinkman (Google Ghost), Olivia Caldwell, Nancy Chunn, Ora Clay, Marion Coleman, Laurel Garcia Colvin, Carolyn Crump, Calcagno Cullen, Teresa Curtis, Breanne Daly, Craig Davis, Skylar Davis, Judy Dominic, Amy Doran, Jacob Drabik, Sara Drabik, Sam Drake, Lizzy Duquette, “Dykes on Bikes”, Jen Edwards, Donelle Estey, Shepard Fairey, Tracy Featherstone, Carla Fernández, Emma Fitzgerald, L’Merchie Frazier, Maureen France, Mary Frank, Marjorie Diggs Freeman, Stephanie Lane Gage, Linnea Gartin, Gigi Gatewood, Tamara Gayer, Lisa Gregg, Anna Grey, Christine Dianne Guiyangco, Micol Hebron, Teri Heist, Sylvia Hernandez, Hayley Hughes, Charlotte Hunter, Tierney Davis Hogan, Barbara Houghton, Niki Johnson, Josephine Johnston, Aidan Jones, Daryl Jones, Olivia Mae Jones, Kayle Karbowski, Sumir Khurma Baird, Allison Knue, Zowie Keijsers Koning, Olivia-Sophie Keijsers Koning, Julia Keister, Colleen Kelsey, Ann B. Kim, Tom Klein, Joyce Kozloff, Pam Kravetz, Katie Labmeier, Laura Lane, Elizabeth Langer, John Lanzador, Andrea Lauer (Brick x Brick), Betty Leacraft, Cynthia Lockhart, Joya Logue, Hannah Lowen, Julie Mader-Meersman, Shawna Maria, Hannah Marie, Katy Martinez, Karay Martin, Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi, Zan McQuade, Coralina Rodriguez Meyer, Charyl Mikles, Megan Miller, Ed Johnetta Miller, Ayisha Kishili Miller, Alana Minor, Marilyn Minter, Masako Miyazaki, Alessandra Mondolfi, Melinda Moore Vanarsdall, Lisette Morales, Ava N., Justine N., Jim Neuberger, Ana de Orbegoso, Suharu Ogawa, Melanie Oliva, Migiwa Orimo, Ernesto Ortiz Leyva, Sara Caswell Pearce, Theresa Polley-Shellcroft, Michele Pred, Desi R., Dakota Rais, Rachel Rampleman, Sharon Ray, Heather Lea Reid, Joe Rettig, Catherine Richards, Mary Clare Rietz, Nancy Rocke, Ursula Roma, Jacinda Russell, Isaias Salgado, Sarah Sandman (Brick x Brick), Bill Saunders, Karen Saunders, Karen Schlanz, Sandra Scott, Carole Lyles Shaw, Ashley Shewmaker, Susan Shie, April Elaine Shipp, Randy Smith, Melissa Soluski, Sea Sprang, Carole Gary Staples, Susannah Stern, Michael Stillion, Sarah Stolar, Amber Stucke, Selena Sullivan, Asher T., Keer Tanchak, Jaime Thompson, Amy Tobin, Katie Tobin, Rev. Michelle L. Torigian, Peter Van Hyning, Melinda Moore Vanarsdall, Camille Wagner, Sheila H. Wagner, Margy Waller, WE MAKE AMERICA, Wendy White, Ben Wilson, Julie Wilson, Polly Wilson, Cori Wolff, C. Jacqueline Wood, Nina Yankowitz, Felicia Young, Sauda A. Zahra