Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates:


COVID-19 Design Innovation

Hacking the crisis with agile design and manufacturing solutions to respond to the needs of medical professionals and the community.

COVID-19 Innovation Gallery



Design Innovation For Community Impact

In an effort to connect designers, makers, and healthcare professionals, we are converging a team of passionate individuals to ideate, test and manufacture solutions to help address the COVID-19 crisis. 

Our motivation is to be more organized in our collective efforts with the crisis and the needs for rapid creative innovation primarily for our healthcare stakeholders--so far (PPE equipment: masks, shields, respirators, ventilators components, thermometers, nasal swaps, etc).

The goals for the group are:

  • Forum and collaboration space to merge talents towards creating agile on-demand innovations for the crisis
  • Connect with healthcare leadership to evaluate solutions
  • Connect with industry partners to scale viable solutions
  • Provide means for community involvement
    • Community manufacturing
    • Proposed needs
    • Accumulate volunteers
  • Resource to relevant information for creative and problem-solving solutions

This Design Innovation Group is initiated by these University of Cincinnati organizations in partnership:

  • College of DAAP
  • 1819 Innovation Hub
  • UC Medical Center
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • College of Engineering
  • Office of Innovation

As well as these Industry Partners: 

  • Sew Valley
  • Hemmer Design
  • Maker Gear

The group meets via Microsoft Teams to check-in, share ideas, and to ask clinicians to pose problems that need solutions. To join the initiative and get access to the virtual Team meeting place, send an email to

Questions about the initiative? Contact