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Welcome to DAAPcamps Virtual Studios!

Due to restrictions on gathering in groups during the summer of 2020, the DAAPcamps’ Crew worked to create and offer individualized programs in many of our most popular disciplines of study.  Each Virtual Studio is a combination of synchronous (live online group settings) and asynchronous (pre-recorded teachings, presentations, tours, etc.).  Most live engagements are recorded as well, so if the participant’s schedule does not allow for them to be a part of the live engagement that day, they are able to access the session and content after it is completed.  Virtual Studios are the ideal opportunity to get your friends and family from around the country (or the world) to join you for a Virtual Studio!  The response to our first offerings in the Summer of 2020 were very positive so we hope to have this opportunity in the future, in the summer or possibly during the school year as well. 

Explore all 8 Virtual Studio offerings below: 


Animation Virtual Studio

Intended for: Rising 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Students
Camp Lead: Mike Gasaway

Click the image above to meet Mike Gasaway!

This virtual experience will teach students the cutting-edge animation
techniques used by Hollywood. This virtual Animation Studio is taught
by Emmy Award-winning director, Mike Gasaway. Mike is a UC graduate
who has directed several shows for Nickelodeon (Jimmy Neutron, Back
at the Barnyard, and Planet Sheen) and loves to teach this art to camp students.  

In this virtual Animation Studio, students will learn how 3D animation
software works by creating and utilizing two of the main effects that all
animators learn when they begin the process. The presentations are
streamlined and easy to understand. Throughout the sessions, students
will have time to interact with the instructor as they are working. 

Architecture & Interior Design Virtual Studio

Intended for: Rising 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Students
Camp Lead: Stephen Slaughter

Click the image above to meet Stephen Slaughter!

In this virtual studio, students will be able to dive into life as an
architecture student at University of Cincinnati. This immersive,
virtual experience introduces the discipline of architecture.

Students will receive instruction in architectural abstraction and
guidance through workshops on drawing, model building,
and computer-aided design (CAD).  

Drawing Intensive Studio

Intended for: Rising 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Students
Camp Lead: Samantha Haring

Click the image above to meet Samantha Haring! 

Drawing is at the heart of every creative practice. Whether your
passion is graphic design, architecture, interior design, fashion,
animation, or any other design discipline, excellent drawing skills
will be your constant companion.

This remote camp will provide you with the opportunity to explore
a wide range of drawing experiences, including cast drawing,
master copies, and an introduction to color, all from the comfort of
home. Students will have access to multiple prerecorded demos for
each project as well as live group video discussions each day,
giving the student the flexibility to draw at their own pace. No prior
experience is needed. All work produced during this week-long
Drawing Intensive experience will be geared toward building a
portfolio for future school or scholarship applications. 

Fashion Design Studio

Intended for: Rising 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Students
Camp Lead: Calle Evans

Click the image above to meet Calle Evans! 

The virtual Fashion Design Studio will be dive into the essential elements of the fashion design process. Students will begin by exploring trend forecasting and concept development and then move through drawing and fabrication teachings. At the end of the studio, students will deliver their own final original collection. Further exploration in this virtual studio experience will include the garment production cycle, future-casting, sustainability, and the many careers within this massive industry. The Fashion Design virtual studio will be led by DAAP alumna and California fashion designer, Calle Evans.

Fine Art Studio

Intended for: Rising 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Students
Camp Lead: Edward-Victor Sanchez

Edward-Victor Sanchez
Click the image above to meet Edward-Victor Sanchez! 

The Fine Art Virtual Studio provides an overview of facts, details,
and stories of what makes up “studio art”.  Each day focus on the
study of a different media– drawing, painting, sculpture, installations
and mixed media. Students will examine and learn what makes
each of these unique. The virtual studio will explore the works of
some key figures of each discipline and apply the findings to their
own project work. In this unique experience, students will connect
with artists from different parts of the country and share their ideas
and views.  

This virtual studio will promote conversations and teamwork among
its participants and will offer student the opportunity to receive
personal feedback to develop and enhance their craft and skills. 

Graphic Communication Design Studio

Intended for: Rising 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Students
Camp Lead: Patti Bresler

Click the image above to meet Patti Bresler! 

This virtual studio will focus on the following areas of design:
Understanding Branding through Logo Design, Understanding 3D
Packaging Design, Understanding Signage through Way-finding
Design, and Understanding Interactive Design. Throughout the
process students will be interacting with DAAP Alumni, from each
area of expertise, who will share their experiences and passion.
Student work will be constructively critiqued and shared with peers
in the studio. In addition, students will create their own personal
design that will then be generated on fabric for a custom face mask. 

This virtual studio will be taught by Patti Bresler. Patti is a passionate
DAAP Alumna from the Graphic Design program that has practiced
in the field of Branding and Package Design for over 30 years. A Board
member for the UC DAAP Alumni Association since 2009, Patti has
been involved in a variety of events within DAAP that promote the
programs and she hired UC Co-op students for Brandimage Cincinnati,
for over 15 years. She started her own business in 2019, PB Design,
and works with a variety of clients in branding and consumer packaging. 

Industrial Design Studio

Intended for: Rising 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Students
Camp Lead: Josh Haldeman

Click the image above to meet Josh Haldeman! 

This program is designed to afford discovery and/or enhancement
of the student's understanding of the field of industrial design as well
as the opportunities that the world-renowned Industrial Design program
at DAAP has to offer. Through this course, students will get a virtual
sampling of the full DAAP experience, including: Live Q&A with DAAP
faculty, staff and students, Tours of the DAAP library, studios, labs,
shops, open spaces, and more,  Tutorials and demos from UC ID
alumni currently working in the field, Professional design office tours
from around the country,Lectures from a variety of design leaders and
other industry experts, and Social interaction with other like-minded
participants from across the country and around the world.

Students will use these resources and more to complete a real-world
design challenge that will culminate in the creation of a physical real-
world product. This challenge will walk you through the steps of a design
process, including: Identifying and defining problems, Conducting design
research, Brainstorming ideas, Creating 2D sketches and 3D models,
Evaluating ideas through testing, Creating your physical product,
and Presenting your solution.

Middle School Art Studio

Intended for: Rising 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Students
Camp Lead: Edward-Victor Sanchez

Edward-Victor Sanchez
Click the image above to meet Edward-Victor Sanchez! 

The Middle School Virtual Art Experience is a virtual art-making and art-sharing experience.  It will focus on the development of projects that integrate originality with copying; the use of traditional art materials with found or “not-art” materials; and the mix of different media such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and installations.  

Each day you will learn about details that make each of these disciplines and techniques unique, the artists that use such techniques, and you will be given a series of exercises and guidelines that you will use to develop ideas of your own. You will also have the opportunity to talk to artists from different parts of the country and hear about their experiences. 

This virtual camp will promote conversations and teamwork among the participants and will give you the opportunity to receive personal feedback on how to develop and enhance your craft and skills.