DAAP Professional Leadership Program

DAAP Professional Leadership Program

Next Program Offering Oct 5-7, 2022

The DAAP Professional Leadership Programs is a new, lifelong learning opportunity created and offered by the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) with Grow, a world leader in design leadership and management education. The program provides the knowledge and skills creative professionals and those who engage with creative professionals need to take that next step in their professional career. Join us and our partner, Grow, in helping you advance your career and gain key insights in Design Leadership, Design Management, and Design for Humanity.

The DAAP Professional Leadership Program is:

  • Directly applicable to daily work
  • Highly interactive and rich content
  • Provides an extensive network of design professionals
  • Intensive interaction between participants
  • Real world, relevant content
  • Interactive content available online & on iPad app

Information Session Recording

If you missed the information session on March 16th you can view the entire recording below:

Who Should Attend

The DAAP Professional Leadership Program is designed for creative professionals and those who engage with creative professionals looking to advance their careers – whether you're looking to move into a leadership role, be more efficient and effective in your role, or to better lead your team and business to the next level. The DAAP Professional Leadership Program is geared towards all disciplines in all types of professional settings. The DAAP Professional Leadership Program is about understanding how to lead and manage design.

Benefits To You

  • Accelerate your career
  • Content is easily applicable to your current and future roles
  • More than 25% of those who have participated got promoted directly or shortly after (Grow fact)
  • Opportunity to expand your professional network
  • Access to DAAP 2022 graduating students (potential employees)

Benefits To Employers

  • Employees hone their leadership skills
  • Employees appreciate your investment in their development
  • Employees learn that leading design is different from 'just managing it'
  • Investing in your employees is good for the company

Why We Are Doing This

The graph shows a declining percentage of senior leaderships in various organizations have not prepared for future leadership growth.  A vast majority have not invested in their own professional growth, connected with their employees or promoted collaboration.

From Tricord/DI Organizational Dynamics study 2013-2019

When: October 5-7, 2022

Program Agenda
Date Activity  
Day 1  Welcome Dinner & Introductions with Special Guest  
Day 2 Grow Program  
Day 3 Grow Program & DAAPworks Opening Reception  
Day 4 DAAP & UC Program  

About Grow



Grow is a professional, management education program with 20 years of experience delivering rich content for individuals and companies. Grow programs are designed for the busy professional. Intense education meetings together with your peers, with plenty of ‘incubation time’ in between to apply your learnings into your work.

  • 1,000+ graduates of Grow programs
  • 20 years of experience
  • Expert tutors guiding the Grow programs

Grow Modules

The three Grow Modules are split into half day learnings designed for busy professionals. The Modules provide an opportunity for:

  • Intensive, interaction between students
  • Relevant content, straight from reality
  • Low on theory, high on practice
  • Direct application to daily work
  • Interactive content available online & on iPad

Click on the module title below to learn more about the three modules being offered at the DAAP Professional Leadership Program.

Design Leadership

Design Leadership

Many characteristics of leaders apply to design leaders as well, but their leadership style may be different: a bit more intuitive, visual and consumer-minded. A design leader guides organizations into fulfilling desired design outcomes while taking designers and stakeholders along that path.

Whereas design managers deal with ‘how, when and with whom’, design leaders merely deal with ‘why and what’. Although, it is not easy to combine these perspectives, professional design managers need to know when and how to switch between leading or managing content, people or processes.

  • Why is leading important for design and business?
  • What are the characteristics of good leadership and how does it apply to design?
  • What can design leadership contribute to business leadership?
  • How to navigate between design management and design leadership in your daily work?
Design management

Design Management

Design is only valuable to a business when it is professionally managed. Design management is the profession of managing design and applies to all kinds of design disciplines.

A design manager is responsible for delivering great design results. To do that he or she manages areas like design strategy, design process, design briefing and many more. This can be done on three levels: strategic, tactical and operational.


  • What are the characteristics of this profession and why is it so important to leave managing design and designers to professionals?
  • What are the three contributions of design management that bring value to an organization?
  • How does design management connect the realms of design and business?
Grow Design for Humanity

Grow Design for Humanity

As sustainable design is getting crucial to sustain the impact of design, designers should no longer accept to work for organizations that do not have a true purpose. This means that design leaders and managers will move their strategic focus from problem solving to problem definition and problem owning.

  • Why has design the potential to effect fundamental change at a global level?
  • What belief system does design needs to make that role happen successfully?
  • How can design scale-up its impact through collective ownership of problems?
  • And co-create solution across disciplines, organizations and industries?
  • What is the future scope of output, while moving to end-to-end design of the total eco-systems?
  • How can a design leader move an organization up on the ladder of design for humanity?

Program Cost

$2,495 for DAAP Alumni
  • Three full program days
  • Breakfast, lunch, and welcome dinner
  • Campus parking
  • Guest access to DAAPworks annual capstone event

In addition:

  • All program graduates will receive one year access to Grow's online training materials. To continue beyond the initial year an annual subscription charge of $50 will be required for access to online content and updated materials. 
  • All program graduates will be invited - by Grow - to the yearly Grow Boost, a one-day live reunion for all international Grow graduates, for only $499. This includes a brand new module and lunch, but not travel and accommodation, or equivalent on-line option will be made available pending of pandemic limitations. 
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Ann L. Black

Associate Dean Academic and Faculty Affairs