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Helping achieve educational and personal goals together.


What is Advising?

Academic advising is a process in which students and academic advisors work together to achieve the student’s educational and personal goals. Typically the student and the advisor collaborate to create a broad understanding of program/major requirements and university and DAAP policies and procedures, as well as to develop course schedules in order to fulfill degree requirements and student interests. Academic advisors can also identify additional campus and community resources as needed to enhance the student’s tenure, both personally and academically, at UC.

Contact an Advisor - Virtual Drop In and Appointments

While working remotely, our advisors are still available to assist you! If you need to speak to an advisor, please determine if an appointment or drop-in visit would best fit your needs (see chart below).   Both appointments and drop-ins are online using Cisco WebEx.

DAAP Advising will be holding virtual drop-in hours:
Thursday, Friday, & Monday, January 21, 22 & 25
Thursday, Friday, & Monday, April 8, 9 & 12

9 - 11 AM EST and 1 - 3 PM EST

Drop-in or Appointment?

Drop In (15 minutes or less)
Appointment (15-30 minutes or more)
 Examples include:
  • Quick questions about advising
    or academic policy/registration
  • Academic distress
  • Changes to fall semester schedule     
 Examples include:
  • Thoughts about changing major    
  • Study abroad
  • Pursuing a minor

Schedule an Appointment

The DAAP Student Affairs Team is currently working remotely.  The best way to schedule an appointment is to use the Starfish scheduling tool (Starfish How-To Guide).

While DAAP Advising is not in the office to answer your phone call, voicemail is checked on a regular basis.

Phone: 513-556-1376

Email (Current UC students): If you need a virtual appointment, please schedule with us through Starfish.

Email (Prospective students): Please email us at

Drop-in instructions

Students will be serviced on a first come, first serve basis and will wait in queue until a DAAP Student Affairs representative is available. 

When using the drop-in function, please keep the following in mind:

  • When you join the queue, please enter your name and email address so we have a way to send you documents if needed. 
  • If you join from a desktop, please connect using your browser, instead of app.
  • If you are on a phone or tablet you may be required to download the CISCO Webex application in order to video in.
  • Drop-ins will follow the 15 mins or less guideline stated below.

Join the DAAP Advising Drop In Queue

If you experience issues accessing the drop-in queue, please email us at with your information and we’ll reach out.


We will not be available to answer phones in real-time, however we will be checking voicemails and respond accordingly. You are always welcome to email us at

  • Phone: 513-556-1376

Amberly Maryo

Senior Assistant Dean
Student Affairs

Gavin Bonar

Admissions Counselor

Shaylen Oswald

Executive Staff Assistant

Academic Advisors

Myron E. Ullman Jr. School of Design
and School of Art

Majors: Communication Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Design,
Art History, Fine Arts, and Pre-Fine Arts

Ellie Graham

Academic Advisor
Last Names A-G

Jaime Edwards 

Senior Academic Advisor
Last Names H-O

Jessica Nethers

Senior Academic Advisor
Last Names P-Z

Academic Advisors

School of Architecture and Interior Design
and School of Planning
Majors: Architecture, Interior Design, Horticulture, Urban Planning, and Urban Studies

Samantha Dutle

Senior Academic Advisor
Last Names A-M

Tiffany Leazer

Associate Director, Student Affairs
Senior Academic Advisor
Last Names N-Z