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Non-DAAP Major Courses:

Courses at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) aren't just for DAAP majors! We offer several classes for UC students enrolled in non-DAAP majors with subjects ranging from horticulture to photography. Check out the class offerings for the upcoming semesters below!

Not a UC student? Would you like to take a class at the College of DAAP without pursuing a degree? Interested parties should contact the instructor of the specific course for permission to register. If permission is granted, please complete and submit a UC Basic Data Form. Once processed, the student will be able to register for classes. For details on taking classes as a non-degree seeking student, please visit The Center for Pathways Advising and Student Success website.

DAAP Course Offerings for Spring Semester 2020

ARCH 5125/6025 - Introduction to Historic Preservation (3 credit hours)

001         40646/40647      TuTh 3:30PM - 4:50PM 

his introductory lecture course considers the preservation of artifacts of the past, with particular focus on the built environment. The course begins with an examination of why we as a culture need these artifacts, followed by a survey the history of historic preservation in the West. The practice of contemporary historic preservation is reviewed with an emphasis on career opportunities in the field. Finally, interpretations of historic artifacts, from museum restorations to adaptive re-use projects, are explored, including consideration of the political and social framework in which their preservation is accomplished, as well as for the meaning these sites might have for future generations.
Pre-Requisite: To take this course you must: Be at least a Sophomore.

DAAP 1013 - Art Appreciation (3 credit hours; BoK: FA)

001         MoWeFr 11:15AM - 12:10PM 
This course is designed as an introduction for non-majors to the visual arts, through the study of media, processes, technologies, styles, cultures, concepts in the cabin area for visual art.  We will look at painting drying sculpture of photography architecture printmaking and electronic media spending 12 centuries. Students will develop a vocabulary for discussing art as well as skills for thinking about visual art, art making our patronage and more.

DAAP 2011 Fundamentals of Photography Design for non-DAAP majors (3 credit hours; BoK: FA)

001         49441                    Tu 6:00pm - 8:50PM 
002         49442                    Tu 6:00pm - 8:50PM 

Explore the visual fundamentals of photographic design. Learn how to effectively use F-stops, shutter speed, ISO, and the various modes of a digital camera to improve your photographs and communicate your ideas. Investigate compositional techniques as they relate to photographing people, the landscape, and movement. Discover how line, form, value, color, and texture can be organized to enhance visual communication and improve interpretation.

DAAP 2013 - A Non-Designer's Guide to Graphic Design  (3 credit hours; BoK: FA)

001         49431                    TuTh 11:00AM - 12:20PM
002         49432                    TuTh 12:30PM – 1:50PM

This course focuses on the conceptual thinking and problem-solving methods used by graphic designers in developing communications that sell ideas. Emphasis is placed on evaluating the messaging and sales objectives to create designs effectively communicating and influencing a targeted audience. Discussions will cover graphic design principles and methods, which students will then apply to develop their own proposed solutions to address assigned problems. Course will be taught using current design software for both digital and print based solutions.

DAAP 2021 - Fashion in the Public Eye (3 credit hours; BoK: FA)

001         40555                    TuTh 11:00AM - 12:20PM

This course will explore the impact of fashion design and trends, as they are conveyed to, and shared with the public. Students will develop a working knowledge of the history of fashion media and fashion marketing, along with the various media outlets for fashion. We will consider how the message of personal style, expression, and the newest trends reaches and effects public perception. This course will include field trips to industry locations and a hands-on experience with a fashion media event; fashion show.

DAAP 3000 - Applied Trend Research and Analysis Eye (3 credit hours)

001         49073                    TuTh 6:00PM - 7:20PM 

This course provides and introduction to trend forecasting research and methodology necessary to identify, categorize, analyze and synthesize socio-economic trends that will impact product and system development into the future.
Pre-Requisite: To take this course you must: Be at least a Junior.

FAA 1036 - Basic Sculpture for non-DAAP majors (3 credit hours)

001         50917                    MoWe 1:25PM - 4:15PM 

This course provides a foundation to sculpture as a three-dimensional medium of expression. In learning fundamental principles of sculpture and gaining familiarity with the use and safety requirements of various tools, materials, and techniques, students will explore a range of approaches to fabricating art in a studio workshopsetting. By introducing students to significant examples of contemporary three-dimensional art thecourse will enable them to develop a personal approach to making sculpture. Concepts pertaining to sculptural form, scale, movement, surface, content, and function will be explored. 
Prerequisite Definition: To take this course you must: Be enrolled in one of these Programs 40UOP, 35ASC, 35BAC, 35CRT, 15MAJ, 15ASC, 15BAC, 15CRT, 15MIN, 35MIN, 32ASC, 32BAC, 32CRT, 16BAC, 16CRT, 16MIN, 20ASC, 20BAC, 20BC, 20CRT, 20MIN, 18ASC, 18BAC, 18BC, 18CRT, 18MIN, 34ASC, 34BAC, 34CRT, 22ASC, 22BAC, 22CRT, 22HON, 22MIN, 26BAC, 26MIN, 29BAC, 25BAC, 36CRT, 28ASC, 28BAC, 28CRT, 38CRT, 38HON.

FAA 1040 - Basic Painting for non-DAAP majors (3 credit hours)

001         50918                    MoWe 5:00PM - 7:50PM 

This course is an introduction to the medium of painting, understood as representing the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional support, using oil paints in a full set of colors.You will become familiar with the qualities of oilpaint, mediums, color mixing, paint application, canvas preparation, grounds, supports and various painting materials. This class allows you to buildyour skill level through studio practice and assignments. 
Prerequisite Definition: To take this course you must: Be enrolled in one of these Programs 18BC, 20MIN, 28BAC, 38CRT, 22BAC, 35BAC, 29BAC, 34CRT, 40UOP, 15CRT, 15MAJ, 15MIN, 18UOP, 22ASC, 28ASC, 38HON, 20BC, 18CRT, 25BAC, 28CRT, 16CRT, 28UOP, 22MIN, 32ASC, 32UOP, 35ASC, 35CRT, 35MIN, 32BAC, 32CRT, 18MIN, 26MIN, 34ASC, 20CRT, 36CRT, 22CRT, 34BAC, 18BAC, 15ASC, 20ASC, 34UOP, 16MIN, 26BAC, 16BAC, 20BAC, 22HON, 35UOP, 15BAC, 18ASC.


FAA 5165/6065 - Sculpture Foundry (3 credit hours)

001         46614/46619      TuTh 6:00PM - 8:50PM 

This course provides study in sculpture as a three-dimensional medium of expression. It focuses primarily on technical aspects of metal casting using the lost wax method. Students learn the skills, techniques and processes of wax forming, mold making, and the entire process of casting in metal. A wide variety of tools are employed and their proper and safe use is learned in a studio workshop setting. Graduate students taking this course incorporate the process and resulting artwork into their graduate creative research. Undergraduate students and non-traditional students are given structured assignments. The format of this course includes a three-hour studio/lab
Pre-Requisite: To take this course you must: Not be a Graduate Student.



All Horticulture (HORT) and Art History (ARTH) courses are open for non-DAAP students, provided they have met the appropriate prerequisites or have permission of the instructor.

School of Planning courses are open to non-DAAP majors. This is based on seating availability. Our studios (PLAN 1012, 3031) and capstone/thesis (PLAN 5099, 7008, 7009) courses will allow non-DAAP majors if the topic pertains to their area of study and they possess the skills and ability to join the course. These courses would require professor permission for non-DAAP majors to enroll.


DAAP Study Abroads for Spring & Summer Semester 2020


Sustainable Urbanism in China: Beijing and Changchun

This course, with faculty-led travel to China, will focus on the concept and practice of urban sustainability from a global perspective. Through field study across various disciplines, the course examines many of most challenging urban sustainability issues. The course provides students with experiential learning in the application of the current theories, models and methods used in engineering, architecture and urban planning to specific, real-world issues of sustainable urbanism as they are currently being confronted rapid developing China.

Dates: May 5–May 14
App Deadline: Nov 1, 2019 (Rolling Admission)
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United Kingdom & France: The Black Body in European Art 

This unique seminar (for 10-15 students) is a survey of European art from the Middle Ages to the present (with a focus on the period ca. 1750-1914) that concerns European depictions of people of African descent in painting, sculpture, prints, photographs, and decorative arts. There has been an explosion of publications about these topics in the last decade. We will discuss cutting-edge scholarship and issues of representation, migration, diaspora, slave trade, border, mobility, citizenship, and human rights. We’ll talk about, from a variety of approaches, the historical and contemporary ways in which black voices have been silenced and black bodies have been ambiguously imagined in Western-dominated global culture. Topics will include the ways in which power and inequities are articulated in imagery and for what purposes, post-colonial theory, and the affective potential impact of images. 

Dates: March 13–March 22
App Deadline: Oct 10, 2019 (Rolling Admission)
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United Kingdom: Exploring Sustainability in the London Landscape

Using London as a home base, we will visit some of the magnificent historical gardens of England, such as the Chelsea Physic Garden and the fantastic Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. Day trips will include Great Dixter and Sissinghurst, Hidcote Manor Gardens and the Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden at Wisley. We will visit several green roofs some historical, some radically new! We will also visit urban gardens and other agricultural projects around London. A highlight of the program is the world’s most famous horticultural event, the Chelsea Flower Show. This extravaganza attracts designers, horticulturists and garden enthusiasts from every corner of the world

Dates: May 16–May 25
App Deadline: Jan 27, 2020 (Rolling Admission)
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