Jay Ott Endowed Memorial Scholarship


The purpose of the Jay Ott Memorial Scholarship is to reward students who demonstrate the values most important to Jay. Jay was a lifelong learner with acute self-awareness who knew at an early age that he would become a fashion designer. He had a reverence for contemporary and historical designers, and studied both with unparalleled dedication. While at DAAP, Jay inspired his teachers and peers with his elegant aesthetic, his ability to provide perceptive and thoughtful feedback to other students, and his ability to apply his knowledge of art and design history. Throughout his successful career as a designer in NYC, Jay continued to inspire and support DAAP faculty and students through friendship, his role as a guest critic, and providing co-op opportunities at the companies he worked. The values Jay embodied and encouraged in others include intelligence, curiosity, integrity, empathy, diligence, humor and compassion.


1 student to be awarded $5,000


  • Award shall be given annually to a current, fulltime, prejunior or junior level student majoring in fashion design.
  • Recipient must have a 3.2 or higher GPA.
  • Exhibits eagerness to learn and to improve as a designer.
  • Offers original and thought provoking solutions to course assignments.
  • Executes their ideas with integrity and attention to detail.
  • Dedicated to improvement and experimentation in communication of ideas, including 2dimensional form.
  • Exhibits depth in inspiration and thought process backed up by research across disciplines.
  • Demonstrates awareness of their personal strengths, identity and goals as a designer.
  • Demonstrates mentorship, collaboration and working as a constructive team member and invests time in supporting peers.


In addition to the DAAP scholarship application requirements, you must also submit a 10 Page Process Journal and/or Design Diary for one to three project(s) that demonstrates the criteria for this scholarship. The process within this journal must have been created during your time as a student at DAAP. You may use any medium or combination of mediums to express and communicate your creative process work including written notes, collages, sketches, photos, etc. This journal should focus on documenting the way you learn, work, find inspiration, translate your world-view, and make fashion design decisions.


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