Visual Art Education Student Travel Award

Narendra T. Sheth (1929-2013) was a lifelong educator who loved to travel all over the world during his lifetime.  An immigrant to the United States from India he took a long bus trip from NYC to Houston to begin his Graduate education at Rice University.  At 60 years old he joined the Peace Corps to teach Math Educators in Ghana.  This Travel Award honors Narendra T. Sheth’s life and legacy by supporting travel connected with the pursuit of educational goals


The scholarship consists of four $500.00 grants for students pursuing Art Education Licensure (including Undergraduate and Non Matriculated students) and Art Education graduate students. The award supports travel and accommodation expenditures for the following purposes:

  • Presenting at a National Art Education Association (or related) Conference (first priority)
  • Attending a National Art Education Association (or related) Conference (second priority)
  • Student teaching Abroad (third priority)

Awards will be decided by SOA director and Art Education faculty based on the students' excellent academic performance, evidence of involvement in the Art Education and/or DAAP communities, and financial need.


Submit an application before travel and by the posted deadline. Your application must include the following components:

  • Description and Rationale for the trip:  Compose a short essay that describes your travel plan and explains how this travel will advance your studies (400 word max).
  • Budget:  Include an itemized outline or list of the anticipated expenses for the trip.

Submit your travel award application as an email attachment to Emily Paolucci in the School of Art Office ( by 5pm on December 1. The subject heading of the E-mail should read: “Application for Visual Art Education Travel Award.”

December 1

School of Art
6431 Aronoff