PhD in Architecture FAQs

Can I apply to more than one program in SAID?


What is the difference between the MsArch and the PhD?

The MsArch is a two year full-time program.
The PhD is a five year full-time program.

Are there scholarships available for both the MsArch and PhD program?

There are a few scholarships available for both programs. These are competitive scholarships and not everyone receives a scholarship.

Can I study the MsArch and/or PhD part-time?

It is preferable that you enroll full-time although under special circumstances we can arrange for a student to complete their graduate studies part-time. Please be aware that there are no scholarships available for part-time study.

Can I receive Advanced Standing for previous study?

Yes, you can receive credit for other graduate studies you have completed. You must complete at least 60 semester credits in the SAID PhD program after you have received advanced standing.

What are the English language requirements?

You must sit the TOEFL examination. We suggest a score of 100 although this is not a strict requirement.

Can I visit SAID before applying?

Yes. You must contact the MsArch/PhD program director to arrange a time to visit.

As a foreign student will I need visa?

Yes. Please contact Ronald Cushing at UC International Services to find out more information on this process:

Contact – graduate school + program director