PhD in Architecture

Students enrolled in the PhD in Architecture Program at the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning in the School of Architecture and Interior Design will study global perspectives on architectural history, theory, and criticism as these relate to practice. The program provides an in-depth analysis of the key theoretical concepts that underlie architectural practice, all the while encouraging students to put these conceptual frameworks to work to analyze and critically evaluate the built environment from a transnational perspective. The program is dedicated to situating the study of building design in a global context; it incorporates non-western perspectives and multi-cultural approaches to the analysis of the built environment, all the while examining how the process of globalization influences the practice of architecture and technological development. The program proudly draws on SAID’s world-renowned reputation as a leader in cooperative education and the outstanding scholarship of its faculty.


Each year, students with impressive credentials apply to our programs, so admission and scholarship awards are competitive. Successful applicants into the programs are awarded full or partial University Graduate Scholarships (UGS) which cover tuition and full or partial University Graduate Assistantships (UGA) that provide stipends to the students.

The applicant pool is highly competitive and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Awards may be for one to two years until the student completes the Master of Science Program. There are opportunities for outstanding applicants in the Ph.D. Program to receive 2-3 year UGS and UGA. The awards to the Ph.D. students are intended to support them until they have completed their course work and program requirements like the comprehensive examinations.

All students granted the UGS and UGA are bound by Graduate School award rules. The students are expected to secure internal and external grants in order to complete their studies. There are colloquia and seminars that assist Masters and Ph.D. students. It should also be stated that very few awards are made each year.

It is important to know the cost of attending graduate school at UC before you apply. Visit the Office of the Bursar for that information.  

The Graduate School and the College determine tuition and fees

If you are from outside the state of Ohio, or an international student, you will see the cost of attending graduate school at UC for one academic year comprising fall and spring semesters. Usually summer school is optional, but some programs require it.


Direct all inquiries to Dr. Rebecca Williamson, Coordinator of the Master of Science and Ph.D. Programs in Architecture or Kim Lawson, Program Coordinator, School of Architecture and Interior Design. Or call (513) 556-6426.