Master of Science in Architecture Curriculum

The Master of Science in Architecture at DAAP is a post-professional degree, usually best suited to those who have completed a professional bachelor's degree, or those who have strong backgrounds in other fields and whose interest in architecture is of a theoretical or investigative nature. The program's broadly intellectual emphasis enables in-depth critical involvement and methodological acuity. The small program, with fewer than 20 students, enjoys the advantages of low student-faculty ratios and informality with most courses following the seminar format.

One of the greatest advantages of DAAP's Master of Science and PhD in architecture programs is our approach to faculty advising. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor. This faculty mentor advises the student on courses as well as the development of a dissertation topic and in the selection of committee members. The small number of students facilitates one-to-one student and faculty advising and collaboration. Students work with their faculty to develop their research and writing skills in publications and presentations in national and international conferences. Above all, students are encouraged to design their research interests by taking courses in different fields.