School of Architecture and Interior Design Cooperative Education Semester Schedule

A typical academic year consists of alternating semesters of academic study and cooperative education. Students meet with professional practice faculty during academic semesters to discuss their placement for the following semester. Upon return from co-op assignments, students meet with their advisor again to discuss employer evaluations to guide learning and future experiences.

The structure of the alternating semesters breaks down as follows (click diagrams to enlarge):

Bachelor of Science Architecture

4 year program duration
7 academic semesters
3 co-op semesters

BS Architecture co-op diagram


Bachelor of Science Interior Design

5 year program duration
8 academic semesters
5 co-op semesters

BS Interior Design co-op diagram


Master of Architecture

3 year program duration (MArch I: 4 years)
5 academic semesters (MArch I: 8 semesters)
3 co-op semesters

M Architecture co-op diagram