Architectual Studies Minor


A minor in architectural studies provides the underpinning history of significant building, with buildings reflecting the social, cultural, political and technological circumstances of their culture. Sustainability in the built environment will be explored and understood as a signicant contemporary influence in forming the built environment.

The professional practice of architecture, and the multiples roles an architect engaged in the business and production of architecture are introduced and explored. Students can choose to focus their elective courses on history, theory and criticism, urbanism or building technology.


The curriculum includes 21 required semester hours. Students must take the following three required courses:

  • DAAP 1011- Design, Art, and the Built Environment
  • SAID 2081- Sustainability
  • ARCH 3031- The Work of An Architect

Students must take four electives from the following courses:

  • SAID 2022- Ritual and Space
  • SAID 1021- Modernism and Form
  • SAID 1031- Introduction to Interior Design
  • ARCH 4051- History and Theory of Cities
  • PLAN 1051- Introduction to Planning
  • SAID 1061- Design Science I-Principles of Building
  • PLAN 1061- Understanding the Urban Environment
  • DSGN 1070- Design Thinking and Problem Solving
  • SAID 3081- Environmental Technologies
  • ARCH 2023- The Classical Tradition

To be considered for the architectural studies minor, students must earn a university cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.


To apply, students can turn in a completed application to the DAAP Student Affairs Office, 5470 Aronoff.