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The Ph.D. program in Regional Development Planning at the University of Cincinnati provides rigorous academic training in planning theory, urban and regional theories, advanced research, and planning practice. The purpose of the doctoral program is to educate and train the next generation of high-level practitioners, policy makers scholars, who will bring new research ideas and knowledge to the teaching and practice of urban and regional planning.  The Ph.D. program is served by twelve of the School of Planning’s faculty members with expertise in urban design and physical planning, community and economic development, transportation planning, international development, environmental planning, and sustainable development. The University of Cincinnati School of Planning program stresses the interdisciplinary analysis and solution to the regional development problems from inner cities to rural areas. The spatial emphasis of the program, from rural and urban neighborhoods to national levels, recognizes that planning problems increasingly transcend geographic boundaries and require spatially-based systems thinking.

All of our current Ph.D. students have completed a Masters degree in planning or a related discipline. As part of the application process, potential students need to identify a research topic of interest (part of the essay). Fulltime students take four courses per semester during their first two years in the program.  The School of Planning requires all doctoral students to take nine required courses, including courses in planning and spatial theory, quantitative and qualitative research methods, research design, and dissertation-research related courses.  After passing their comprehensive exam, students typically spend three to five years completing their individual doctoral research. The School of Planning provides all admitted students with a financial package consisting of tuition scholarship during their two years of coursework and a four-year paid graduate assistantship. As part of their training, Ph.D. students are also required to teach a course under the supervision of a SOP faculty member.


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