Master of Community Planning Study Abroad

The School of Planning is one of the most international academic units on the University of Cincinnati Campus. All faculty members have worked abroad, and eight were born overseas. More than one third of all graduate students are international, coming from more than 15 countries around the globe.

The school's philosophy is to enable all undergraduate and graduate students to have an international experience, which means it presents students with as many opportunities as possible to experience other nations and cultures at a variety of price points. These range from a travel quarter, to an academic of quarter study abroad (Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey), to short courses abroad (Brazil and Italy), and to an intensive full summer working on a project on site for a foreign municipality (Greece). A significant number of international planning courses are also offered within the School.

In addition, the school operates two programs in collaboration with the US Peace Corps: one for returned volunteers (the Peace Corps Fellows Program) and another sandwich program, which combines studying for the MCP with Peace Corps service (the Masters International Program).


ISAE/FGV - Curitiba, Brazil

The Advanced Institute of Administration and Economics of the Getulio Vargas Foundation - ISAE/FGV, has been in existence since 1996. it is located in the southern Brazil city of Curitiba, the capital of Parana State. Its professors, researchers and consultants are the most experienced professionals in the FGV System. With integrated action programs in the areas of education, research, consulting, special projects, international collaborations and other affairs and events, ISAE/FGV is one of the most active educational foundations supporting entrepreneurs and government authorities.

The Getulio Vargas Foundation/ Institute for Administration and Economics has been a partner of the University of Cincinnati since the 1990s. Faculty members of the DAAP School of Planning have conducted joint research projects in Brazil under its sponsorship, and groups of visiting students have been hosted by it. The School of Planning has also been host to the leadership of the Institute in more than one occasions. Recently, Professor Carla Chifos was a Fulbright Professor at the institute, and Professor Michael Romanos was a visiting professor there during the fall quarter of 2009.