Bachelor of Science of Horticulture

DAAP offers a bachelor of science or minor in horticulture as well as four certificate programs. Certificates require 21-27 credit hours and may be earned separately or combination with a baccalaureate degree. A certificate can be earned in horticulture, green roofs, sustainable landscape design, urban landscapes, or urban agriculture.

All learners are welcomed, including the home gardener interested in just one or two courses for self-improvement, master gardeners interested in additional education, those who are working in the green industry, or those who hope to work in the green industry. This program is designed to be flexible and to address the needs of today's horticulture industry. You will find our faculty are enthusiastic, well-qualified and experienced in their fields.

In the Horticulture Program you will learn the plants, the art, and the science involved in horticulture. Career opportunities open with the completion of a degree or certificate. Career areas include environmental landscaping, turfgrass and grounds management, landscape design, commercial greenhouse management, and parks management.


Did You Know?

The Bachelor of Science in Horticulture program qualifies for special tuition rates for students who reside in certain KY and IN counties.