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The Bachelor of Urban Planning (BUP) is a five-year professional degree program. The BUP is one of the most well-established and respected programs in the United States and has been accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board continuously since 1966. The BUP program provides an interdisciplinary planning education based on social and natural sciences, experiential learning, and engagement in community development through a cohesive arrangement of planning and design studios and cooperative education (co-op) semesters supported by seminars and lectures. The program integrates the design, economic, environmental, political, ethical and social dimensions of planning.

BUP students have co-ops, allowing them to gain practical experience in the field of planning. Graduates earn a professional Bachelor of Urban Planning degree, which qualifies them to apply for the American Institute of Certified Planners Board (AICP) examination.




 5+1 Joint Bachelor of Urban Planning/Master of Community Planning (BUP/MCP)

 Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Urban Planning program are encouraged to apply for the joint 6-year Bachelor of Urban Planning/Master of Community Planning option (BUP/MCP). Students completing the BUP/MCP program will be awarded both the Bachelor of Urban Planning and Master of Community Planning degrees. The BUP/MCP option permits an accelerated professional planning education for students with both a solid academic record and strong interest in professional planning practice.


Through the School of Planning’s certificate programs, BUP students can add a specialization in areas such as Geographic Information Systems, Urban Design, and Historic Preservation. For more information on the certificate programs, visit the following link.

Study Abroad & International Programs

There are opportunities to partake in study abroad programs, both short-term study abroad classes and semester-long exchange programs. For more information on these opportunities, visit the UC SOP Study Abroad Page and UC SOP International Programs Page.



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The Bachelor of Urban Planning program qualifies for special tuition rates for students who reside in certain KY and IN counties.