Certificate in Urban Planning

Undergraduate students not enrolled in the Bachelor of Urban Planning program in the School of Planning, may enroll in a special 18-semester credit Certificate in Planning. A proficiency in basic statistics is required at the time of admission or shortly thereafter. Student enrolled in the certificate program will be assigned a faculty adviser in the School of Planning, to provide guidance in course selection and monitor progress.

Planning is an activity practiced by all individuals and organizations seeking to guide their transition into the future in an orderly and systematic manner. Planning is a particular way of thinking – essential in business, industry, public service, and the arts. As a problem-solving activity, effective planning results from development of specific skills and is grounded in specific theory. The Certificate in Planning provides intensive exposure to these skills and theories.

Students enrolled as a major in any undergraduate program may enroll simultaneously in this program. In most undergraduate curricula, sufficient elective credits are available to complete the certificate program before graduation.

The Certificate in Planning is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the required credit hours at the time of graduation. (A student must be admitted to the program while enrolled as an undergraduate student.)

Learning Outcomes

  • Students demonstrate understanding of historical and contemporary planning practice, policy, and processes based on knowledge of relevant concepts and theories.
  • Students demonstrate understanding of the different values and ethical standards affecting the practice of planning.
  • Students demonstrate understanding of the theory, practice, constraints, and impacts of various land use controls.

Course Requirements

Successful completion of the Certificate in Planning requires 18 semester credits total:

Four required Planning courses (12 credits)

  • PLAN1051- Introduction to Urban Planning
  • PLAN2007- Land Use Planning
  • PLAN3051- Urban Spatial Structure
  • PLAN4063- Planning Theory and Ethics
  • Two planning elective courses (6 credits)


The School of Planning certificate programs

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To apply, students can turn in a completed application to the DAAP Student Affairs Office, 5470 Aronoff.