Bachelor of Science in Design-Industrial Design

Industrial design is concerned with the appearance and usefulness of manufactured goods. When creating products, industrial designers think about technical performance, environmental concerns, human comfort, and aesthetics.  

In DAAP's Industrial Design program, ranked first in the country by DesignIntelligence, students learn to emphasize the humanistic qualities of products of mass production with special consideration for the comfort, safety, and aes­thetic satisfaction that they may bring to the users. DesignIntelligence ranks UC's Industrial Design program as the most admired program in the country among academic deans and department heads "for its co-op program, industry relations, and practical training."

On completion of these courses and two semesters of cooperative education, industrial design students may choose to focus on:

  • general product design, creating cohesive and useful designs to solve a wide array of consumer/user needs
  • transportation design, concentrating on the development of conceptual and technical skills related to human mobility and transportation design

Since industrial designers are employed wherever products are planned for mass pro­duction, there are ample career opportunities available. Industrial designers are typi­cally hired as consultants or on the design staff of a corporation and work on projects including automobiles, public transit systems, human-powered and single person vehicles, furniture, appliances, house wares, electronic equipment, tools, toys, packag­ing, machine tools, medical equipment, business machines and displays.

Industrial design student Amanda Gustafson won a $7,000 prize from the California Health Association and a marketing/consulting session with IDEO for her glucose meter, Finn the Glucose Fish.

In a sponsored studio for Hankook Tires, DAAP transportation students were asked to envision the future of tires. Watch a video of the design of the four finalists below.

Industrial Design

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The Industrial Design program qualifies for special tuition rates for students who reside in certain KY and IN counties.