School of Art Course Spotlight


Class Title: Rapid Prototyping & Small Batch Production- FAA5112 / 6012

Instructor: Colin Klimesh    

Course Description: This course is an introductory course exploring digital design and fabrication within the context of contemporary art, design, and archi­tecture. Through a series of technical demonstrations, students will make connections between CAD/CAM software, digital fabrication technologies and the physical world. Students will become familiar with digital fabrication as it relates to traditional sculptural pro­cesses such as mold making/casting, utilizing vacuum forming, silicone, plaster, concrete and ceramic processes. 

Learning Outcomes: 

1. Formulate an understanding and proper use of CAD geometries
and file formats.


2. Demonstrate their proficiency in 3d CAD software by creating models in Rhino 3d, Mesh mixer, integrating CAM software including Powermill, Zprint, Matter Control, Simplify3d, Cura, RD Works, and PreForm into their design process.

3. Demonstrate an ability to take a concept through the design process by making a process book, 2d and 3d sketches, prototyping, fabrication and a small production run of objects.

4. Demonstrate their ability to generate and output their designs by utilizing technologies available in the Student Technology Lab and Rapid Prototyping Center, specifically 3d printing, Laser cutting and CNC machining.

5. Demonstrate their ability to evaluate a design for production through
casting technologies including silicone, plaster, concrete, and ceramic. 


Instructor – Why I love to teach this class:
This course is a ton of fun to teach because of the pace and scope of the course. This course covers a ton of ground in terms of skill building, we cover 2D and 3D cad skill from the ground up and use these skills as the driver for digital and analog production methods. The coursework really leverages digital tools to make physical objects. There is also a field trip aspect, where we meet with professionals around the city in their shops/studios to gain an insight into the various ways creatives are able to make a career for themselves through the making of objects. Last summer was the pilot session of this course, I had a broad spectrum of students from all the colleges in DAAP and it was a blast. I'm really looking forward to teaching it again and have big expectations.
--Colin Klimesh

Student – What I enjoy most from taking this class:
The part I enjoyed most about the course was the integration of technology I hadn’t really used before with hands on techniques. Rather than making a prototype of something, I was actually creating a finished, permanent product that I could make multiples of. Colin was willing to answer any questions that I had and was full of information regarding the process. I ended up with good work for my portfolio!
--Erica Siefring