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Breanne Trammell

Assistant Professor
Discipline: Printmaking

BFA – University of Texas at Arlington
MFA – Rhode Island School of Design


What were the driving factors in your decision to join the DAAP faculty?
I have a background in printmaking but my work is project-based and takes on many forms, so because of this I've always been particular about what teaching jobs I apply for. I applied for my position at DAAP because SOA faculty are described as "artist-teachers” on the website. I was grateful to read that—because my art practice informs my teaching and vice versa. I was also impressed with the work coming out of the program.

What’s your teaching philosophy or your outlook on higher education?
I see myself as equal parts coach + cheerleader. My goal as a teacher is to create community with, for, and amongst my students. I believe in giving my students permission to fail which in turn empowers them to take chances & experience limitations and unknowns. Everything leads to something. 

How do you see your role on campus or in the community, outside of teaching?
I’m super excited to be in Cincinnati and figure out where and how I can contribute to the community!  Currently I’m the faculty advisor for the new student print club (Print/Zine Association) and co-editing at Special Collections press with Amanda Curreri & Jordan Tate.

What are some of your favorite things to do when you are not teaching?
Snacks are my hobby (#snackernews). I also enjoy watching basketball, going to the library, searching for esoteric office supplies & printed matter in thrift stores, hanging out with my dog, listening to records, organizing zines and projects through my publishing imprint “Teachers Lounge”, and of course working in the studio. 

What do you love most about your job at DAAP and your work through your particular school?
The students! My colleagues! The DAAP library & access to resources such as the RPC/STL and photo lab. 

What are your goals for DAAP and your discipline?
My immediate goals have been to modernize the print shop, and expand and recalibrate the printmaking curriculum to reflect a contemporary approach to print media.

How do you plan to achieve those goals?
I’ve created two new classes: Multiples & Experimental Matter and Printmaking & Civic Discourse, which will be rolling out over the next year or so.  I’ve been slowly fixing equipment and applying for grants to acquire new equipment such as a Risograph, a digital plotter, and an Iowa Foil Printer. I’ve also been phasing out hazardous solvents such as kerosene and have introduced vegetable oil into the clean-up protocol and a soy-based biodegradable screen reclaimer for silkscreen. 

Tell us something interesting about yourself! 
I am Co-President of the Sandwich Club. We have an annual event called the Sandwich Club Summit, but it's a club that never meets and anyone can be a member. Other things... I learned how to play the drums a few years ago! People frequently ask me if I played basketball when I was younger but I never did (I’m an awkward runner) … but I've always enjoyed playing volleyball. I was born in California and have lived in Missouri, Texas, Rhode Island, NYC, upstate NY, Iowa, Akron, OH, and now Cincinnati!     



Professor Breanne Trammell, School of Art

Breanne Trammell, DAAP Assistant Professor Portrait by School of Art Studio Photo and Lighting class, Spring 2018.