Game Art


DAAP Game Art Certificate Program for Undergraduate UC Students


Open to all UC students, the College of DAAP offers a certificate program, called the Certificate of Game Art. Students study the use of the tools of Game Art. Students develop individual and collaborative art-making skills, and they demonstrate, through written works and in presentations of original creative works, the objects and products of their study. Students will understand how to design and develop an original game and how the principles of game design apply to various disciplinary goals.

The video game industry is currently projected to grow from $111 billion in 2014 to $128 billion in 2017. According to the Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA) 2014 report, this industry is growing at a rate four times faster than the US economy. The same report also notes that from 2009 to 2012, the game industry’s annual growth rate was 9 percent, which was 13 times the rate of the United States labor market at 0.72 percent. Today, video games are not only works of art themselves; they influence other art forms. More than just play, entertainment software is also used to impart complex knowledge and ideas. Video games are a nexus for wider trends and issues in social culture and entertainment, and video game technology has transferred to many fields and industries. In the United States, 385 colleges and universities offer computer and video game design programs or degrees. Proven competence and experience is professionally valued. The DAAP Certificate of Game Art provides students with basic knowledge in principles of game art design and the studio production practices used in game art and animation. To earn the certificate, students learn theories and principles of game design, and studio use of game art tools for creative production. To be awarded the certificate upon graduation, students demonstrate skills and competence in game art design that can be applied in their core disciplines. The Certificate program gives its students a competitive advantage in obtaining work and community support for their creative goals, by providing tangible skills and a documented credential that confirms their dedication to learning the practice and use of game art design methods. The certificate requires 12 credit hours to complete. Students create original works of game art and animation and study the practices, techniques and tools of animation and game art. Course activities include lectures, demonstrations, student presentations, studio work, and critiques. The format of the core and elective courses includes both seminar and studio/lab components.


Upon completion students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of practices, techniques and tools used in game art and animation through classroom presentations and discussion. 
  • Analyze the work they have produced and the works of others based on the critical approaches used in classroom critiques. 
  • Develop plans for the production of works of animation and game art, based on the completion of project proposals. 
  • Produce original works of game art and animation based on the completion of studio exercises.


GA Certificate Program Course Requirements

The following is a current provisional list of approved courses open to Game Art certificate students to fulfill the 12 credit hour requirement. Enrolled students may petition to substitute alternative courses for their certificate credit.

Core requirements - 6 credit hours:

  • Animation Art FAA5131 (3 ch) 
  • Game Art FAA5132 (3 ch)

Elective Requirements - 6 credit hours of any of the following courses:

  • Introduction to Animation Art FAA2031 (3 ch)
  • Introduction to Game Art FAA2032 (3ch)
  • Introduction to Interactive Art FAA2033 (3ch)
  • Introduction to Internet Art FAA2034 (3ch)
  • Introduction to New Media FAA2035 (3ch)
  • Introduction to Programming for Artists FAA2036 (3ch)
  • Introduction to Sound Art FAA2037 (3ch) 
  • Interactive Art FAA5133 (3 ch) 
  • Internet Art FAA5134 (3 ch)
  • New Media FAA5135 (3 ch)
  • Programming for Artists FAA5136 (3 ch)
  • Sound Art FAA5137 (3 ch)
  • Advanced Electronic Art FAA4031 (3 ch) 
  • Philosophy of Technology ARTE5122 (3 ch) 
  • Design Systems 1 GRCD3021 (3 ch)


To apply to the program, students in any academic program at UC are eligible. The program provides experience for students in a multi-disciplinary approach to game art and design. With a focus on creative computer graphics, the program provides core classes and electives focused on production skills such as concept art, modeling, animation, script editing, and sound design. The program provides access to the advanced computer graphics tools in the DAAP Computer Graphics Center in studio-based classes. Each student has a faculty advisor charged with guiding the education and monitoring the progress of the student through the program. The certificate administrator and the secondary administrator serve as advisors, advising students enrolled in the certificate program. Students are assigned to an advisor during the first month of the program. The advisors meet with each student at least once per year to help guide their elective and studio selections and supervise their creative work. Students participate in critiques of their work by peers and instructors. Students also receive grades on their work from instructors in their respective classes. By these means, students receive assessments of their learning. Application for the Game Art certificate is made through the College of DAAP. All currently enrolled UC undergraduate students with a current GPA of 3.0 or higher may apply to enroll in the Game Art Certificate program by sending a written letter of application with supporting information to the GA Certificate Administrator to request enrollment in the certificate program. Applications must include a current transcript and a personal statement explaining your interest and intended goals. A review committee evaluates applications and selects program participants for admission.


Program of Distinction:

  • The Game Art Certificate leverages DAAP's reputation by enabling all UC undergraduate students to earn a certificate from DAAP as part of their degree program. 
  • Leverages university diversity and makes use of the richness of resources available to the university community. 
  • Potentially leverages the co-op program by incorporating real-world experience with studio production focus into the academic process of on-campus study.


Program of Parity:

  • Enables UC students to participate in a program of study in Game Art at DAAP 
  • Provides opportunity to earn a UC Diploma with a DAAP Certificate for a Degree 
  • Certificates are offered and administered at the DAAP College level for UC students 
  • Certificate Programs utilize the interdisciplinary opportunities of the university environment


Students who may be interested in the Program:

  • DAAP students from all schools 
  • Non-DAAP students from UC 
  • Prospective students interested in developing a second career 
  • Students interested in focused subject study in game art design 
  • Students interested in augmenting interdisciplinary studies (ex: education/game art design)


Game Art certificate checklist


Contact information:

Benjamin Britton, MA, MFA

Associate Professor

School of Art

College of DAAP