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Prospective students (beginning Fall 2015 or after): 

Download a pdf of the sample Fine Arts with Co-Op Curriculum OPTION 1

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Study at one of the only Fine Arts programs that engages cooperative education

  • Students will be working closely with co-op advisors in the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning (ProPEL).
  • Co-op was invented at the University of Cincinnati in 1906. Now, over 100 years and 43 countries later, generations of students worldwide have followed our lead!
  • The co-op program at the University of Cincinnati is currently the largest co-op program at any public institution in the United States. Nobody knows cooperative education, its applications, and its payoffs better than we do. After all - we invented it! 


Be part of a respected college of creative practice within a dynamic public university


Pay tuition for eight semesters of study; earn three semesters of work experience

  • Students with advanced standing credits may be able to work with their academic advisor to modify their path to degree.


Major in Fine Arts with an option to earn a minor or certificate in a related or complementary field



Emerge with a bachelor's degree combined with art world connections and know-how

For more information, including area descriptions, please visit our Bachelor of Fine Arts page.

Are you ready to be part of this exciting new adventure in the School of Art?  Apply now to the BFA program with co-op!

Interested in learning more? Please visit us!  We invite you to come to campus for a tour of the School of Art, DAAP and UC.




Concerning those normal semesters "off", if a student actually takes it off, does that affect the residence hall situation?  Can they easily be in the residence hall one semester and not the next?

Yes, since many other programs participate in co-op, our Housing & Food Services is familiar with the co-op rotation.  We recommended contacting them if you have specific questions (Phone: 513-556-6461)



Can the courses offered during the summer session be taken in the "off" spring semester?

Courses and curriculum are sequential, not all courses offered in summer will be offered in spring and vice versa. Additionally, students will be working with ProPEL for co-op placements that summer semester, which is much easier when students are on campus.


What is the "personal alternate semester"?

The personal alternate semester during senior year can be used a variety of different ways.  The faculty have very carefully considered the placement of this semester to allow extra time and space for students to develop their senior thesis project, study abroad, pursue classes necessary for a minor, or participate in a service learning opportunity.  All of these activities will impact a student’s senior thesis in a manner that  neither a break nor a preceding semester of studio classes would. Students are encouraged to think critically, early and often about how they would like to use this time.

We also recognize the increasing need of our students to work to supplement their finances for college.  The breaks during the 1st and 2nd years provide space for students to work full time in order to support themselves for the following semesters, similar to the way traditional summer semester breaks do.


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