School of Planning Lecture Series

headshot of Rachel Comte

Rachel Comte - Urban Planning in Urban Forestry 2020-02-04

photograph of Yexuan Gu

Yexuan Gu - DISCIPLINELESS: An Alternative Way of Design Thinking 2020-02-03

man posing in classical clothing

Mauro Ceconello Lecture 2019-04-12

example of Mona El Khafif's artwork

Mona El Khafif Lecture 2019-03-06

headshot of Terry Grundy

Terry Grundy Lecture- BACK FROM THE BRINK: How a Group of UC Urbanists Helped Cincinnati Regain Its Mojo 2019-01-29

photograph of Christian Huelsman during lecture

Christian Huelsman - Alleys and Stairways to Reconnect Communities 2018-11-19