The College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning encourages participation in student activities insofar as they contribute to the student's personal and social development and supplement academic and professional education.

Student Government

Membership in the DAAP Tribunal, formerly known as the DAAP Union, is open to all undergraduate DAAP students. The tribunal serves to stimulate, coordinate, and sponsor various student activities. It also provides liaison with the Student Senate of the university and with the college faculty and administration through representation on many college committees.

Student Ambassadors

DAAP Student Ambassadors is an organization created to provide student representation at a variety of public relations and recruitment activities held on behalf of the college. Ambassadors are selected through an interview process and receive extensive training about college functions and the new facility. DAAP students interested in membership should contact the Student Records Office for an application.

Professional Organizations

Membership in the student branches of chapters of the following professional organizations is open to undergraduate students in specific fields of professional education:

Alpha Rho Chi

This is a co-educational professional fraternity for students enrolled in architecture and the allied arts. The goals of the organization are to create a richer college experience for its members through advancing their professional experiences and through social and community events.

American Institute of Architectural Students (AIAS)

A student chapter is maintained in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning to provide early association with the professional parent group, and permit participation in architectural activities on both a local and national basis. Lectures by practicing architects and designers, discussion groups, visits to conferences, exhibitions, and important building sites are some of the chapter's yearly activities.

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

The AIGA student group is an organization comprised of ambitious designers who are focused on promoting design awareness and excellence. The group's obtainable objectives are creating a design mentoring program, as well as hosting prominent designers from across the country to lecture at the University of Cincinnati.

American Planning Association (APA)

APA is a student chapter of the national organization in the School of Planning. It is devoted to activities in, and discussion of, aspects of contemporary professional planning and sponsors a number of activities and field trips. This organization serves as liaison to the Student Representative Council of the American Planning Association (APA).

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 

A student chapter is maintained in the college to project and maintain artistic and ethical concepts of the interior design profession on an apprentice level, to promote high standards in public relations and design integrity, and to train for eventual professional practice. Guest speakers and designers assist in the chapter's yearly program.

Fashion Design Student Association

Fashion design students join this organization to promote social and professional activities with students at UC and in other schools, to sponsor programs and lectures, and to participate in community and professional activities.

Fine Arts Association (FAA)

The Fine Arts Association is an artists' organization, structured specifically to give undergraduate School of Art students a forum for the exploration and exhibition of their individual and shared expression. The FAA offers opportunities for development as an artist through the exchange of ideas as well as a chance for young artists to show their work. Through association sponsorship, the FAA provides a means for students to see shows at a distance from Cincinnati.

Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)

Students in Industrial Design have an opportunity to join a student chapter of their national professional organization. The purposes of this student group are to further professional knowledge, to encourage contact (social and professional) with fellow students at the University of Cincinnati and other schools, and to sponsor programs and industrial design activities not otherwise provided in the classroom.

International Interior Design Association (IIDA)

The Organization for Students of Interior Design acts as a liaison between students and faculty of the School of Architecture and Interior Design and the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. The group also organizes social activities, lectures and discussions to spread awareness of the interior design profession to students of SAID, DAAP and UC.

Planning Student Organization (PSO)

This organization provides better communication among students in the School of Planning, and gives students a vehicle to participate in planning events on both a local and national level.

Students for Ecological Design (SED)

SED was created to bring together and transmit knowledge between a collective of people interested in the education, promotion, and implementation of environmentally focused design. Specific goals include: promoting sustainable design education, sponsoring student participation in workshops and conferences, and playing an active role in applying these ideas throughout the community.