Photo Lab

The DAAP Photo Complex is the college's academic support facility for photography and photo related curriculum. The facility directly serves DAAP photography courses and indirecty serves all DAAP students and faculty through portfolio development workshops.

The goal of the photography area is to respond positively to the needs of DAAP faculty and students and to provide a safe, smooth operating, well maintained educational photographic facility.

While this facility remains primarily a traditional silver and colorbased facility, digital photography and electronic art have become an integral part of the photo curricula at DAAP. Digital photographic manipulations and digital printing are available to students at the DAAP Computer Graphics Center.


4000 level of the Wolfson building.


Hours vary based on student demand.


Equipment and Services

  • Digital Cameras
  • Film Cameras
  • Darkrooms
  • Processing Chemistry
  • Tripods
  • Light Kits
  • Lighting Studios