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Photo of Elizabeth Riorden, MArch

Elizabeth Riorden, MArch

Associate Professor


  • Master of Architecture (M Arch): Columbia University
  • Bachelor of Arts (AB), magna cum laude : Brown University

Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

2009. “Dörpfeld’s Theory of Wood and Mudbrick Architecture: Implications and a Reassessment” Byzas , 9 , 199-210

2007. “Ilion’s Odeion: a reconstruction and its implications” Studia Troica, 17 , 47-55

1996. “Three-Dimensional Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) in Anastylosis: A Case-Study at the Odeion of Ilion” Studia Troica, 6 , 103-110

Elizabeth Riorden and Friedmund Hueber 1994. “Plan von Troia 1994 and Troia. Freiliegende Ruinen und Besucherwege 1994” Studia Troica, 4 , 115-120

Invited Presentations

(02-2002) “The production of The Ancient Roman City: a collaboration" The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome ,

Elizabeth Riorden and Betsey Robinson (02-2002) “Troy and Corinth: Perspectives on the Past” The American Academy in Rome,

(02-2003) “Between Two Chairs: Archaeology and Architecture” UCLA Honors Program at UCLA,

(02-2007) “What did Homer Really Know?” The Honors Seminar of the Department of Classics and Comparative Religion at Ohio University, Athens, OH.

(03-2006) “Greece, Troy, Archaeology and Meaning” The CMC’s “Just for Teachers” series at the Cincinnati Museum Center,

(03-2013) “Troy: Fact, Fiction, Significance.” Hanover College, Madison, Indiana.

(03-2013) “Locus vs. Metis: the complexities of depicting versus measuring, at Troy, and elsewhere.” The Symposium Troy: New Perspectives on Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Turkey at the Allard-Pierson Museum and the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands,

(04-2011) “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ARCHAEOLOGY AND CRM*but were afraid to ask.” The University of Pennsylvania, School of Classical Studies,

(06-2004) “Traces of the Iliad at Bronze Age Troy” and “Uses of the Legend in Classical Troy” The Smithsonian, Washington DC

(07-1997) “A Few Things an Archaeologist should know about Site Conservation” At the restored Odeion of Troy, Turkey,

(09-2005) “Timeless Troy – Homer’s Windy City” The Smithsonian, Washington DC

(10-1993) “What does an Architect do at an Archaeological Site?” Williams College, MA.,

(10-2008) “Troy: past, present, future. Why Site Management Plans matter.” The University of Texas, Austin. ,

(11-2005) “Visualization and Site Conservation at Troy” The University of Pennsylvania, School of Classical Studies.,

(11-2012) “Troy, the Iliad, and the Nature of Epic.” The Symposium Myth and Memory at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL.

(2008) “Looting in Turkey” University of Cincinnati, Department of Anthropology.,