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Photo of Peter Chamberlain, MFA, MPHIL

Peter Chamberlain, MFA, MPHIL

Associate Director - School of Design, Coordinator, Associate Professor, Industrial Design


  • MFA: University of Cincinnati
  • MPhil-Design : Chiba University

Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Peter Chamberlain 2014. Unboxing II (UBII): A Tool for Package Experience Analysis The International Journal of Designed Objects. , Volume 7 3,

Invited Presentations

Peter Chamberlain (2010) Transforum - discussing the future of public transportation in Cincinnati. TEDX , Cincinnati

Peter Chamberlain, Todd Timney (2015) The Total Package: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Package Design That Benefits Consumer-Experience and Brand Perception. SEGD Academic Summit, Chicago

Poster Presentations

Peter Chamberlain, Aparna Sundar, Theodore Noseworthy (2013) Society of Consumer Psychology Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii