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The University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning is ranked among the very best in both a world and national class, year-after-year.


DAAPSpace Intranet

The DAAPSpace Intranet contains various applications used by the students, staff, and faculty at DAAP.

Facility Map and Schedule - Users can view room availability by floor via a plan view.

Learning Lab Inventory Checkout - Users can checkout various equipment from the DAAP Photo Lab and DAAP Build Lab (DBL).

RPC Submission System - Users are able to submit jobs for laser cutting, 3D plaster printing, and CNC machining.

Are you in a loop that continues to bring you back to this page?

Off campus, remote access to DAAPSpace requires users to be on the UC VPN for a secure experience.  Please download the Cisco AnyConnect Secure VPN client to access UCFlex from off campus.

The client can be downloaded from the UCIT AnyConnect VPN site.

For assistance, please contact the UCIT Help Desk at (513) 556-HELP.