DAAP Outreach

The College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning has a well established tradition of service and involvement. DAAP is committed to improving the quality of life for individuals and communities, both on a local and global scale, through theoretical and applied research, innovation, and design. DAAP particpates in and has been the catalyst behind a number of organizations, partnerships and initiatives focused on giving back to our community, nation and the world. Our students, faculty and staff work tirelessly giving countless hours to further these goals.

DAAP Cares
The DAAP Cares Initiative is a collection of faculty, students, alumni and organizations committed to improving the quality of life for individuals and communities in need. This group recognizes the academic design institution as a resource for innovation and development at all scales. The mission is to foster improved quality of life by identifying humanitarian causes and working as interdisciplinary teams that connect design, architecture, art, planning, and other disciplines to conduct research, create new theoretical, frameworks and generate solutions.

CDC Association Partnership for Urban Planning and Urban Studies Students
The School of Planning, in collaboration with the CDC Association of Cincinnati operates an internship program for Urban Planning and Urban Studies students to asist them in understanding community based development as practiced by non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The CDCs receive increased capacity and quality professional work for a wide range of projects such as pre-development, housing conditions, and community organizing.

Live Well Collaborative
The Live Well Collaborative leverages the fresh perspective and unique interdisciplinary thinking of students from the University of Cincinnati.

In short 14-week projects, students, faculty and experts come together to develop innovative product and service solutions for living well across the lifespan with an expertise in meeting the needs of the Baby Boomer Market.