Seven Hills Neighborhood House

Seven Hills

This MetroLab Graduate Architecture Studio combined design and fabrication efforts to transform selected interior spaces at Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses – (neighB) - primarily through millwork / furniture design/build content. The studio followed a “research-program-design-fabrication-installation” process. Course objectives included community engagement, design-fabrication processes, and transforming prioritized interior spaces at SHNH. The graduate students worked closely with SHNH staff, board members, and local user groups to transform selected interior areas of SHNH (901 Findley Street). The interior spaces prioritized for renovation built upon the themes and core values of the Center – transforming existing spaces into welcoming and fully functioning places that enable advancement through education and technology for members of the community. Places to learn, read, talk, think, and grow – alone and/or in small groups. An important goal of the studio was to develop community relations between SAID and SHNH, support the student’s creative vision for transforming interior spaces at SHNH, and explore and execute design ideas through a series of physical and spatial transformations – leading to finished interior projects by the end of the semester.


901 Findley Street


Jim Postell


Seven Hills Neighborhood House Board Members:  $10,000

  • 7HNH Board 
  • Cincinnati Zoo 
  • Cincinnati Reds 
  • HGC Construction Company
Seven Hills
Seven Hills