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840 Gallery

The 840 Gallery is an on campus space for DAAP fine arts students to take their work out of their studios and bring it to the public.

5th floor of DAAP near freight elevator, Main Campus

Gallery Guidelines:
* 840 Gallery Guidelines

840 Gallery – Fall Semester 2014


Artists/Professor (UG/G/Class)

August 25-29

Patio Party

September 1-5

Sean Oswald, Kate Ball, Ian Horwitz

September 8-12

Todd Richman and group

September 15-19

Mary Clare Reitz, Alyssa Adams, Ben Norton

September 22-26

Jordan Sandidge, Miles Turner

Sep 29-Oct 3

Matt Lynch, Wood Class

October 6-10

Matt Lynch, Installation

October 13-17

Mike Davis, 3D Ceramics

October 20-24

Carmel Buckley/Katie Parker, OSU 3D exchange

October 27-31

Carmel Buckley/Katie Parker, OSU 3D exchange

November 3-7

Siri Langone, Teal Porrini, Matt Jones

November 10-14

Rick Wolhoy, Leigh Johnson, Third Pending

November 17-21

Ryan Mulligan, Sophomore Research Studio

November 24-28 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Colin Klimesh, Justin Hodges

December 1-5

Linda Einfalt, 3D Grad Sculpture/Ceramics

December 8-12 (Exam Week)

Jordan Tate – Input/Output

Dec 15-Jan 9 (Winter Break)


9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Closed for University Holidays.

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