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The Philip M. Meyers, Jr. Memorial Gallery

The Meyers Gallery is housed in the Steger Student Life Center on the University of Cincinnati Clifton Campus.

Directions: From ML King enter Woodside Dr. (Langsam Library) for Woodside Garage (accepts cash or credit). Walk up UC Main Street to the Steger Student Life Center. Gallery is on the right across from Nippert Stadium.


Cross Currents

"Cross Currents"

January 22nd–March 2nd

This exhibition exams the body of work of Bukang Yu Kim, which reflects a tension between the artist’s cultural identities and sense of self through mark making. Kim’s distinct calligraphic brush strokes result in a gestural abstraction that goes beyond the binary of Eastern and Western art practices. Kim’s dual national identity (South Korean and American) creates a complicated interplay between two conflicting perspectives that come together in deceptively seamless forms. The dynamic brush strokes contain layers of meaning that are expressed through the act of painting, which result in a visceral aesthetic experience that is reminiscent of American Abstract Expression but with calligraphic markings that boldly declare a deep sense of intentionality.

Artist: Bukang Yu Kim

Reception: Thursday March 2nd, 5pm–7pm

Curated by: Sso-Rha Kang, Exhibition Coordinator, DAAP Galleries and Aaron Cowan, Director, DAAP Galleries

For Info: please call 513.556.2839 or email



Me, Myself, and IRL

October 9—December 4, 2016

Me, Myself, & IRL investigates the tension between material and immaterial, and calls into question the authenticity of an image in the era of Photoshop and the Internet. The tension between material and immaterial space has become a site of investigation in how lived experiences are being defined and cultivated. The ongoing evolution of technology and its seamless integration into daily life has challenged how we define ourselves and relate to a progressively digital world.

We continuously reassess identity, skirting the line between presentation and performance—expectations met, shattered, or desired. Reality has become obscure as its representation, temporality, and authenticity take on new dimensions. The artists in this exhibition present altered realities using experimental methods of image-making, which explore the current state of uncertainty both in our interaction with technology and state of existing in a technologically-mediated world.

Curated by Austin Radcliffe

Works by Carlin Brown, Blaise Cepis, Anna KE, Anouk Kruithof, Florian Meisenberg, Katie Stienstra, and Jordan Tate. 

Reception: Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 5-7pm

For Info: please call 513.556.2839 or email


"CYE Moves to UC: Past, Present and Future"
September 4th—October 2nd, 2016

CYE Moves to UC: Past, Present and Future showcases the history and multidisciplinary reach of Children, Youth and Environments (CYE) journal, and celebrates the move from the University of Colorado to its new home, the University of Cincinnati.

CYE had been housed and published by the University of Colorado, Boulder since 1984. In 2015, Dr. Vicki Carr, Dr. Rhonda Brown from CECH and Dr. Vikas Mehta from DAAP and were selected as the next co-editors of CYE from a pool of more than a dozen competing institutions. Since January 2016, CYE is published by UC.

 Children, Youth, & Environments is an international, multidisciplinary online journal with readers in over 160 countries that disseminates peer-reviewed research articles, in-depth analyses, cutting-edge field reports, and critical book and film reviews on children, youth and the environments where they live, learn, work, play, discover the natural world, participate in their communities, and find basic services. 

The goal of the CYE journal is to promote inclusive, sustainable, and healthy environments for children and youth everywhere, with special attention given to papers that focus on children and youth in environments of disadvantage and those with special needs, as well as papers that recognize the capacity of youth as stakeholders.  The journal is endorsed by UN-Habitat and is guided by a distinguished international Editorial Board.

 The exhibition will highlight the journal’s rich history, spotlight prominent articles, the global photo library collection, and feature current initiatives on UC’s campus. Join us in commemorating this occasion and to learn how you can connect with the Children, Youth and Environments network here at UC.

Reception: Thursday, September 8th, 5-7 pm

30 Americans

"30 Americans Plus...The Region"
June 5th—July 10th

The exhibit 30 Americans at the Cincinnati Art Museum showcases works by many of the most important African American artists of the last three decades. This provocative exhibition focuses on issues of racial, sexual, and historical identity in contemporary culture while exploring the powerful influence of artistic legacy and community across generations.

As a companion to this exhibition, the Art Academy of Cincinnati and the DAAP Galleries, University of Cincinnati will present “30 Americans Plus….The Region”—a two part exhibition that will recognize the diverse range of work offered by African American artists from our community. This exhibition will feature a wide range of media, materials, and perspectives from current practitioners as well as some of the seminal figures of the past three decades. The work exhibited by these accomplished regional artists help to contribute to the conversation of the African American experience, heritage, and the present state of the arts within the region as a whole.

Artist Opening Reception: Thursday, June 9, 5-7pm

For Info: please call 513.556.2839 or email

C. Tyler Work

Carol Tyler: "Pages and Progress"
Jan 28th—March 10th

Award winning American cartoonist, painter, writer, educator and comedian Carol Tyler has garnered acclaim and notoriety from both her peers and the public for her vision and unabashed openness. Her illustrated autobiography Soldier’s Heart: The Campaign to Understand My WWII Veteran Father, A Daughter’s Memoir” (2015) describes the relationship she had with her father and how his PTSD shaped her childhood. The adverse affects of her upbringing results in a tale of truth, connection, and finally resolution. The recent release of the book and the tangible culmination of ten years of work come to fruition as we find Tyler exploring the next chapter of her creative endeavors. This exhibition serves as the purging of the past with fragments of past projects, objects from her past and her fathers work shop. In addition, we present a collection of artifacts from her life and studio practice, which provides a look into the mind and spirit that molds her vision of the world.

Artist Closing Reception: Thursday, March 10, from 5-7pm

For Info: please call 513.556.2839 or email


New Faculty Show

November 8—December 10

Curated by: Aaron Cowan

The College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning are pleased to welcome new faculty members into DAAP and the greater UC community. The individuals included in this exhibition bring with them unique skills, diverse knowledge, and fresh perspectives that will contribute to the overall talent and conceptual foundation of DAAP’s highly regarded program.

This cross-disciplinary exhibition showcases a wide range of mediums and research within the respective programs. Professors from design, architecture, and fine arts welcome you to take this opportunity to become acclimated with their work and think critically about the possibilities of what they have to offer.

This exhibition includes work from: Jennifer Ustick, Amanda Curreri, Brook Brandewie, John Dixon, Ashley Kubley, Samantha Krukowski, Antonio Munox, Emil Robinson, Matt Wizinsky, and Nick Germann.

Artist Reception, Thursday, November 12 from 5pm-7pm
For Information please call 513.556.2839 or email


Stewart Goldman: NUANCES

September 13—October 25

Curated by: Aaron Cowan

DAAP Galleries at the University of Cincinnati are pleased to present NUANCES by artist Stewart Goldman. Minimalist visions of fragmented landscapes emerge from figurative realism in fissures of isolated colors.

Goldman has received numerous artist grants, exhibited in Cincinnati and Munich, had a 33-year tenure at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and currently holds a position as a Cincinnati Art Museum Board member. With over 60 years of experience, his work transitioned from figurative to abstract, reminiscent to the ideological shift of painters throughout art history. An aesthetic that withstands through time, his work refines landscape into distilled lines of color and form, an exploration that captures space and dimension within the creases of paint and canvas.

Artist Reception, Thursday, September 10 from 5pm-7pm
For Information please call 513.556.2839 or email



August 6—28, 2015

drawn is dedicated to the students, faculty and staff of the University of Cincinnati to draw together, to draw upon their experiences and to draw insights from and with each other and our community in the wake of the shooting death of Samuel DuBose.

Sponsored by the Office of the Provost, designed by the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, and created by the University of Cincinnati community.

This exhibit is open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily and by reservation. For information visit the drawn website.


Ladislas Segoe

Andy Fausz:
Trials and Tribulations

June 1—August 2, 2015

The DAAP Galleries at the University of Cincinnati are proud to present the work of native Kentucky artist, Andy Fausz. Fausz's work confronts viewers with arresting images of turmoil and affection in a raw, yet sensitive, manner, providing insight into the challenges we face as a community.

Fausz recieved his BFA from Northern Kentucky University and continued his education at the University of Cincinnati, which allowed him to further explore themes of social justice. His seamless integration of social activism into his work gave him the platform to explore social, political, and cultural issues. While establishing himself as a talented artist, Andy fell ill and passed in November of 2012 having both his life and voice cut short. We invite you to join us in this exhibition of works by an artist who continues to speak through the compelling work he has left behind.

Artist Reception: Thursday, June 11, 2015 from 5–7 p.m.

For information please call 513-556-2839 or email        


10 am-5pm
Closed on holidays.




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