DAAP Directory

Wagner, Thomas Professor Emeritusthomas.wagner@uc.edu
Walsh, Anthony MAdjunct Instructoranthony.walsh@uc.edu
Wang, Julian Assistant Professor in DAAP-SAID & CAES-CAECMjulian.wang@uc.edu
Wang, Xinhao Professor, Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies Coordinatorxinhao.wang@uc.edu
Wang, Zhe
Webb, George C.Professional Engineer, HC Nutting Co.
Wei, Na
Whaley, Kristen
Whittaker, David P
Wible, Loraine Adjunct Instructor
Williams, Jim Professor Emeritusjim.williams@uc.edu
Williams, William DarylAssociate Professorwilliam.williams@uc.edu
Williamson, Rebecca MSArch and PhD Program Coordinator, Associate Professorrebecca.williamson@uc.edu
Wilson, Casey JamesAdjunct Instructorcasey.wilson@uc.edu
Wilson, Laurie LAssociate Director, Non-Academic Programs, Macy's/DAAP Fashion Show, DAAPcampslaurie.wilson@uc.edu
Wilson, Randall Annualized Adjunct Instructorrandall.wilson@uc.edu
Wizinsky, Matthew Assistant Professormatthew.wizinsky@uc.edu
Wolhoy, Richard Adjunct Instructorrichard.wolhoy@uc.edu
Woo, Juhyung
Wood, Mccrystle Professor Emeritamccrystle.wood@uc.edu
Woodham, Derrick Professor Emeritus Associate of the Royal College of Art, Londonderrick.woodham@uc.edu
Woodman, Charles Associate Professorcharles.woodman@uc.edu
Wright, Alysha AnneSr HR Coordinatoralysha.wright@uc.edu
Wright, Mary FAnnualized Adjunct Instructor