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How old do I have to be to participate?
Our residential camps or our highschool day camps have the requirement that you are entering your sophomore, junior or senior year in high school. Our half-day, day middle school camps are for students entering the seventh, eighth or ninth grades.

Do I have to provide a portfolio of my work?
No, you do not.

Do I have to have a certain GPA to participate?
No, you do not.

How do you “pick” who comes to camp?
We do not actually “pick” DAAPcampers…they choose us!
Camp participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Are there scholarships?
There will be a limited number of scholarships available to DAAPCamp Residential Campers. Please see the Scholarship and Aid page of our website or the 2015 DAAPcamps brochure for details.

How much are the scholarships for?
The individual scholarship amounts will be determined during the selection process. There will be no “full” scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be expected to make some investment in the camp tuition. 

When will you be deciding who receives them? 
Scholarship and Financial Aid applications are due by April 15, 2015. Decisions will be announced in May.

How do I apply for a scholarship?
Please visit our Scholarship and Aid page for full details.

How do you decide who receives a scholarship…is it merit or need-based?
The scholarship panel will review each application and make their determination based on the application information submitted.

Who makes the decision as to who receives a scholarship?
There is a panel comprised of camp leadership, faculty and DAAP administration who will make the final determination.

If I don’t receive a scholarship, I will not be able to attend camp, how do I plan for this?
You may note this in your application materials. There is really no way to “plan” for this. You will apply and when notified about the scholarship decisions and levels, you will be able to make your decision. Your deposit will be refunded should you decide at this time, not to attend.

If I make a down payment on camp will it be refunded if I receive a scholarship?
That is determined by the amount of scholarship given…however, if it is determined that your scholarship level will put you in an “overpayment” with the deposit included, you would be credited that amount back.

Why is the cost so expensive?
DAAPcamps is priced very competitively to any fine- art or design-based pre-college camp experience in the nation. Much research was put into what is available for students throughout the country. The cost is all-inclusive including room and board, all needed supplies (each camper is given a bag with all of the supplies they will need in the classroom that week, all faculty (yes, the campers interface with actual DAAP faculty and professors) all presentations and fieldtrips, and the entire Camp Life Team.The incredible value of the experience is truly “priceless.” We understand that everyone is conscious about expenses at this time and know that this experience will give your student a definitive answer if the world of art, design, architecture, horticulture or planning is the right future for them. Full immersion in such a program is the best way for a student to be fully prepared for their college future.

I heard about a $50 architecture camp at DAAP…how can this camp cost so little?
This camp opportunity is one that is specific to young inner-city students and is offered in collaboration with support from some of the local architecture firms. This is a daytime camp geared to middle school children and is not an immersive, residential pre-college program. This camp is not apart of DAAPCamps, but rather, it is run through our architecture department. For further information on this camp please call 556-4290.

Do you offer a discount for UC employees?
Yes. Children of UC employees receive a 10 percent reduction in tuition.


Do I have to live on campus? Can I stay in a hotel with my parents?
If you are participating in our pre-college experience residential camps, you are required to stay on campus in UC Campus Housing with the rest of your fellow-campers.

If you are participating in the day camps do NOT reside on campus nor is there housing available for those camps. However, there are hotels nearby if that is something you wish to investigate. 

May I live with my friend?
You may make a special request on your application form and we will do our best to accommodate your request, however, due to a variety of housing considerations, we cannot promise that all requests can be honored, however, please know we will make every effort to do so.

How do you choose the roommates?
Roommates are chosen based upon a variety of criteria including the program entering, age, school, etc.

Do I share a bedroom? A bathroom?
Housing is suite-style. Bedrooms house one to three campers. Bathrooms are shared with suite mates. 

Do I need to bring blankets and pillows?
Sheets, a light blanket, pillows and a regular-size towel are provided with housing, however, it is a very wise idea to pack an additional blanket, larger towel if you wish and additional pillow if that is how you prefer to sleep. Please refer to the DAAPcamps packing checklist.

How safe is the housing situation?
Who is taking care of my child while they are there?

The campus housing provided for your child is extremely secure. There are graduate housing assistants who live in each house. In addition, there will be house leads living in the houses along with the DAAPCamps director. All activities have supervision by faculty in the classrooms and by our Camp Life Team (those detailed above) during the non-classroom times. There will be check-in housing times where campers are expected to be “in house” at night.


General Questions

Do I need to bring snacks?
Three meals a day and some snacks in the evenings in the classrooms are provided…however, if you know you like to “munch” late at night…pack accordingly. Vending machines are limited in the housing.

Can/should I bring my computer?
You may bring your computer and it is totally up to you if you wish to bring it along. You will have limited free time, but you know your computer use. There will be wireless connection in the housing. We advise keeping your laptop and other valuables with you or secured during your time at camp.

May we check in late to camp or check out early?
We have a family vacation/obligation we are scheduling.

We advise doing everything you can to allow your camper to have the full camp experience from Kickoff to Graduation…but, we will make exceptions if a camper needs to arrive a bit later or leave a bit early. We understand that family vacations are precious and difficult to schedule. We would like to know this situation as early as possible so we do everything we can to make the transition as seamless as possible for the camper and our camp team.

May I come to have lunch/dinner with my child?
May I come to class during the week to see how they are doing?
May I bring my daughter Skyline for lunch?
All of the above questions have the same answer. The true pre-college camp experience is best for the camper when they are given the opportunity to experience it as an independent, responsible young person…as if they were a student at DAAP, living on campus. We call it “managed independence.” We know you will miss your son or daughter and very likely, they will also miss you. They will have a true taste of what being responsible for themselves is all about. They will have access to many adults and older college students who will be there to assist them in any situation where they may feel unsure. Your confidence in them and willingness to let them grow and explore their future says a tremendous amount about how you feel about them. We encourage you to give them that independence for this week.

With all of that said, if there were a unique situation, we would certainly work with you to give you a comfort level with the situation. We thank you in advance for your confidence in your son/daughter and in our DAAPcamps’ program.

It is my son’s birthday that week...can I bring a cake?
We encourage you to celebrate prior to or after camp week…but, you are welcome to send or deliver a care package to your son or daughter during camp week.

How do I ship something to them while they are there?
We will provide you with a specific address in your camp materials if you wish to send something to your camper. It is always a good idea to also let the Camp Director know so we can be on the lookout for it.

If I need to reach my child during the week, how will I go about doing that?
Cell phones are the best way to communicate with your camper…however, there will also be a variety of numbers, including the main DAAP office and our camp director’s cell number that will be given to you in case of emergencies.

What will they learn?
Each curriculum is different, depending on the area of discipline. You will be able to find the generalized proposed outcomes for each area in the camp descriptions.

What will they be doing all day?
Depending upon the given area of study and the given day...their day will be filled with activities, projects, lectures, research, hands-on learning, fieldtrips, discussions with professionals in the field, special multi-media presentations…from the moment they wake up…until they leave DAAP at night…then, there will be even more team-centered activities. They will come home enlightened and exhausted!



What do you do to monitor the students’ comings and goings?
The expectations of camp are laid out in our housing regulations, our opening camp sessions with all campers and parents. We discuss the schedule of camp and what responsibilities the campers are expected to uphold. The Camp Life team lives on site with the campers. We ask that the campers check in with a member of the Camp Life team if they need anything or if they wish to go anywhere other than where the group is. The campers’ free time is very limited and social gatherings are organized and monitored.

Is there always someone for them to walk across campus with?
We will travel in groups and there is always someone to walk with. We ask that campers notify us if they need someone to wait on them for some reason.

Will my student ever be alone?
The campers are not left alone, as stated above, all activities are group activities. The campers will spend time in their rooms at night to sleep alone…but, we do not schedule “alone” time. Some campers require more privacy that others to function well. They can have that if they so their rooms.

What do I do about food allergies? Latex allergies? Mold allergies? etc.
All allergies and any and all medical issues or considerations should be noted on the camper’s registration form. You may also discuss this ahead of time with our camp director by sending direct communication to her.

How can I be sure my daughter won’t sneak out of the house to be with her boyfriend?
As stated above, we make every effort to have a secure housing situation for our campers. We hope that you will support our camp rules and expectations with your son or daughter. If they are broken, the camper will be sent home, at the parent’s expense. We have a zero tolerance for not abiding by the Camp Rules and Regulations.

What do you do to make sure the students don’t drink, smoke, etc.?
Again, this has been addressed above…but, supervision is provided at all activities and group gatherings. There is a strict policy against substance abuse during camp. If a camper breaks the policy, they are sent home at the parents’ expense. What a student does in the privacy of their room is really up to the student…but, if the Camp Life team suspects abuse of the policies, the camper will be confronted about the issue immediately and parents will be notified.

What will happen if my child gets sick? What will you do for them?
Our camp director is known as “Mama Wilson”…she is the campers’ mom away from home. If a camper becomes ill, we will notify the parents and take any steps necessary to get them the care they need. It will be a group effort to make sure the student gets healthy as soon as possible so they can return to camp activities. This is why we need all medical forms and insurance information for each camper, so we are able to care for them immediately.

Is there someone they can go to if they are experiencing anxiety or stress?
Our camp director, Laurie Wilson, and her team of DAAPCamp Leaders are there for the campers to discuss any anxieties or situations that may come up during camp. They are experienced in working with teens and will find a workable solution to their situation…or an answer to their question.

If they go on fieldtrips, who is driving?
They will be on a chartered bus or van with a driver provided from the service.