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DAAPCamp Descriptions

High School Camps

Classes are taught by DAAP faculty, professional guests and visiting artists, and are also staffed with current DAAPstudents as assistants. An exhibit and celebration culminates the camp on Saturday morning.


Architecture and Interior Design

Do you love buildings, inside and out? Are you interested in designing structures and interior spaces? Then the Architecture &Interior Design DAAPcamp is the perfect place for you to be this summer! This camp, designed to introduce you to Architecture and Interior Design, mixes hands-on design projects, field trips to local firms and interesting buildings, plus individual attention from UC faculty, all while giving you a taste of college life. So join us, and create a unique experience exploring the worlds of Architecture and Interior Design.

Fashion Design

You like fashion—We Are Fashion! Think you have what it takes? Only those with heart and soul need apply. Being able to make people feel beautiful and look beautiful is an art form that only few can do. Take the risk follow your heart. Come and spend one week in the Fashion DAAPcamp and begin YOUR design legacy…DAAP! We are fashion!


Graphic Communication Design

See this fantastic poster? What about those amazing title sequences for the latest, coolest movies out there, or even that cool logo on that new magazine you carry around everywhere? Graphic Communication Designers made them all. GCD combines type, image, symbols, color, sound, and motion to bridge the world between people, messages, and ideas. Join us at the Graphic Communication Design DAAPcamp this summer to tour award-winning design firms, and to learn from DAAP faculty just how to use the tools of design to make your own 2D and digital media projects.


Industrial Design

Industrial Designers are innovators and communicators who are skilled at understanding user needs and translating this knowledge into new product and vehicle concepts. Professionals in this field focus on making the world a better, easier-to-use place. Students will improve their drawing skills, learn design procedures involved in creating and marketing innovative and useful products, and develop design concepts. This camp provides an introduction to the industrial design profession, and first-hand experience developing the core skillset required to become and industrial designer.


Studio Art

Do you want to learn to translate your art ideas into ceramics? If so, come join the Studio Art camp to engage in a range of art practices exploring the endless possibilities of fine arts within the ceramics studio. Everything from drawing and printing, to throwing and sculpture, and new technologies are at your fingertips! Discover the world of creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression that art generates. Campers will create a body of work for a college preparatory portfolio and learn to communicate personal ideas through contemporary art practices in ceramics.


Shoe Design

Shoes! Who doesn’t get excited about a new pair of shoes?! Well, if you get excited about awesome shoes and amazing design, this camp will probably put you over the edge. You will be working with professionals from shoe design companies all over the United States, like Adidas, AND1, Jordan Brand, Nike, TOMS, Under Armour, and Vans, to name a few, and will learn a great deal about a unique and polarizing product we call footwear! You will leave this camp with more design tools for your creative toolbox, along with a new-found perspective on design and the Footwear Industry. So, tie your shoes and let’s get going!


High School Day Camps 

Business of Fashion / Art of Sewing Day Camp
June 8-12, 2015, 9 am-5 pm daily for grades 9-12

You are the “go-to-person” when someone needs to put together that perfect look. The business of fashion and style fascinates you and you can see yourself buying for a department store, trend forecasting, owning your own boutique, being a fashion blogger or maybe a designer! This new day camp is a combination of seeing part of the business side of fashion and also learning about the art of fashion sewing.  It is a week-long adventure where you will discover trend forecasting, fashion styling and retail careers and..also learn everything you need to know about creating your own fashions with a sewing machine. You will learn the early stages of creating ideas just like designers do when they come up with a clothing line. Next steps are cutting out patterns and sewing the fabric together to create your own look!  We encourage you to bring your own sewing machine, learn on the machine you will use at home!  Or we will provide machines for your use.  This camp is for girls and guys!


Digital Fabrication Day Camp
June 8-12, 2015, 9 am-5 pm daily for grades 10-12

If you enjoy bringing your ideas to life using state-of-the-art software and modeling tools, the Digital Fabrication DAAPCamp might be for you.  You may have heard about 3D Printing…now is your chance to really EXPERIENCE IT!  During this week-long day camp, you will have the opportunity to design and build a functioning clock and a scale automotive model. To do this, you will learn to use the same tools and employ the same processes used by industrial design students enrolled at DAAP.  This camp will be led by current DAAP industrial design faculty members and ID professionals with over 20 years of combined experience.

A few spaces are still left! $500 is the price for the camp, 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, June 8-12.  Final showing of work on Friday evening at 5pm!


Drawing Intensive Camp
June 8-12, 2015, 9 am-5 pm daily for grades 9-12

Whether your passion is graphic design, architecture, interior design, fashion, animation, or any wider range or related design disciplines, excellent hand drawing skills will be your constant companion. How and why do we see what we do? What is the shape of light? How can we find a reliable likeness between our drawings and our subject? Excellent drawing skills rely on answers to these important questions and more, all of which emerge from a shared graphic language that is at once inherited from the past, relevant today, and indispensable to your future as a design professional. This camp will help you prepare a competitive portfolio application and will change the way you see the world around you!


Growing the Future City Day Camp
June 8-12, 2015, 9 am-5 pm daily for grades 10-12

Are you interested in growing, managing, or designing with landscape plants? Growing food in the city? Improving the environment through the intelligent use of plants? The world is recognizing the value of horticulture to the quality of life in urban environments through innovations such as green roofs, living walls, rain gardens, urban agriculture and more. By studying plants on the award winning U.C. campus landscape and around the city, we will discover how plants create the livable cities of the future!

Middle School Camps

Too young and too busy? We offer day camp sessions in fine arts led by our Art Education faculty for middle school students. Spend a morning, afternoon or both with us!

Morning: 2D Workshop
Explore two-dimensional art and design by creating, drawing, coloring, and writing comic strips in various styles (the sky’s the limit). In this session students will learn the history, various techniques and current practices in creating visual narrative story-telling by focusing on their own imaginative creations.

Afternoon: 3D Workshop
Explore three-dimensional art and design by creating and building futuristic machines (such as: space vehicles, submarines, airplanes, smart buildings, anything one can think of!) In this session students will learn about how to turn dreams into reality by going through the steps to design, blueprint, and build prototypes for the machines of tomorrow.