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DAAPCamp Descriptions

High School Camps

Classes are taught by DAAP faculty, professional guests and visiting artists, and are also staffed with current DAAPstudents as assistants.

Classes meets from 8 am-9 pm with a lunch and long break at dinner. An exhibit and celebration culminates the camp on saturday morning.

Architecture and Interior Design

Architects and Interior Designers are concerned with the built environment. They create and modify spaces that are durable, meaningful, and responsive. Architecture and Interior Design DAAPcamp introduces high school students to three aspects of pursuing these professions—the college atmosphere, the academic process, and the design professional environment—during this immersive week-long experience.
Design project explorations introduce students to the design process and a variety of contemporary representation techniques such as sketching, and drafting, as well as physical and virtual model building techniques. Students receive individual attention from design faculty and graduate teaching assistants. Students will also visit design offices in Cincinnati and meet with design professionals, giving them a better understanding of what architects and interior designers do in their day-to-day work environments. In addition, students will take field trips to significant contemporary and historic buildings and experience the varied and rich collection of architecture and interior design the city and campus have to offer.

Fashion Design

Fashion designers communicate to the world through three-dimensional,wearable designs. The Fashion DAAPcamp explores potential career possibilities and gives collegiate experience to students interested in fashion, in a fast-paced, fun-filled summer sampler of courses from DAAP’s Fashion Design program.

Students experience and tackle real time design problems with the dedicated fashion faculty, current students and alumni. They learn fashion illustration, how to create a fashion collection, fashion trends, fashion history, patterning and garment construction. At the end of the week, students finish it all off by strutting down the runway wearing their own fashion garments. No prior skills are needed (other than a passion for Fashion)!

Graphic Communication Design

Graphic Communication Designers (GCD) build bridges that allow people to understand by using typography, motion, sound, color, symbols and images. Messages created by Graphic Communication designers persuade, inform, educate, or entertain a targeted audience for a specific purpose. Using these tools, they arrange them into messages in a simple, effective, and visually pleasing manner.

In the GCD camp, students will use these tools of graphic communication (image, color, texture, composition, time, and interaction) in order to visually communicate messages through 2D and digital interactive media. Students will shoot photography in a state-of-the-art photo lab and develop their own prints, visit award-winning design firms specializing in areas ranging from print to packaging to interactive design and will have the opportunity to tour an offset and digital printing facility.

Industrial Design

Industrial Designers are innovators and communicators who are skilled at understanding user needs and translating this knowledge into new product and vehicle concepts. Professionals in this field focus on improving and adding value to the human experience and making the world a better, easier-to-use place.

The Industrial Design DAAPcamp introduces students to the dynamic profession of Industrial Design. Throughout the week we will engage students to begin their journey, furthering their drawing skills, learning design procedures involved in creating and marketing innovative and useful products, and developing design concepts. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to hear lectures and receive instruction from practicing designers and make a visit to  a local design and product manufacturer. The goal of this week long camp is to provide interested students with: an introduction to the industrial design profession, an overview of the DAAP Industrial Design major, and the initial development of core skills requisite to becoming an effective and well-rounded industrial designer.

Studio Art

Do you want to learn to translate your ideas into art? If so, come join the Studio Art camp to engage in a range of art practices, reflections, and dialogues exploring the endless possibilities of fine arts. Everything from drawing, to painting and sculpture, to new digital technologies are at your fingertips! Discover the world of creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression that art generates. Campers will create a body of work for a college preparatory portfolio and learn to communicate personal ideas through contemporary art practices.

High School Day Camp 

Business of Fashion Day Camp

New this year for high school fashionistas is our week-long, 9 am-5 pm, full-day Business of Fashion Camp covering the “Style Stars” industry from a visual and business perspective. (No living arrangements are provided or available.)

The business of fashion and style fascinates you and you can see yourself buying for a department store, tend forecasting, owning your own boutique, being a fashion blogger or journalist or photographer, or working as a stylist — just to name a few ideas! If this describes you, our new daycamp may be the first stop to your future.

Examples of Business of Fashion Day Camp Activities:

• Style and shoot a fashion photo spread featuring your fellow campers.

• Write a fashion blog based upon your observations on campus.

• Predict upcoming trends and do a trend board presentation.

• Visit the Aveda Institute and earn about the world of hair and makeup and how it interrelates with fashion.


Middle School Camp 

Too young and too busy? We offer day camp session in fine arts led by our Art Education faculty for middle school students. Spend your mornings or afternoons with us, or both!

Morning: 2D Workshop
Explore two-dimensional art and design by creating, drawing, coloring, and writing comic strips in various styles (the sky’s the limit). In this session students will learn the history, various techniques and current practices in creating visual narrative story-telling by focusing on their own imaginative creations.

Afternoon: 3D Workshop
Explore three-dimensional art and design by creating and building futuristic machines (such as: space vehicles, submarines, airplanes, smart buildings, anything one can think of!) In this session students will learn about how to turn dreams into reality by going through the steps to design, blueprint, and build prototypes for the machines of tomorrow.