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DAAPCamps Scholarships and Financial Aid

A limited number of partial scholarships based on merit are available to those who qualify. To be considered for a scholarship, students should supply the following materials with your camp forms, to be received no later than April 15, 2014:

  • a letter of recommendation from a school teacher or counselor
  • copy of your high school transcript (for scholarship & financial aid only)
  • a 500-word essay addressing one of the two following prompts:

Please describe how the design of an object, a building, an interior space, or a city has had a positive/significant impact on people. OR how the presence of art has had a positive/significant impact on people. For either prompt, please provide a specific example of well-known design or artwork (such as a famous building, painting, sculpture, or a popular object, fashion design, etc.), describing specifically how that piece supports your thesis statement. Please provide and discuss only one example. Do not use your own work as your example.

Financial aid is set aside for DAAPcampers with demonstrated need. Financial aid is different than a scholarship in that it intends to address financial need. To apply for financial aid, please provide the three items listed above, plus a statement of the family’s financial need.

Please be advised that full scholarships and financial aid are NOT available for
DAAPcamps, only partial awards are given. Each award amount is determined on a case-by-case basis, as evaluated by the DAAPcamps’ Scholarship Panel using student-supplied information. The Scholarship Panel is made up of camp leadership team members, faculty, and DAAP administration.
All received funds are expected to be used toward DAAPcamps’ tuition.
Of course, applying for a scholarship or financial aid does not guarantee you’ll
receive funds. If you think you will be unable to attend DAAPcamps without financial assistance, please note this in your application forms. Once awards are distributed, if it becomes apparent that you are unable to attend, your deposit will be returned and your award will be redistributed to other students.

Please review the 2014 DAAPcamps brochure for additional information.

Contact DAAPCamps!

Phone: 513-556-2958




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