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Ignite your creative spark this summer at DAAPcamps.

Learn from faculty at a top-ranked design college. Expand your skills through interactive studios. Use your hands, your brain, and your imagination. Get advice from professional artists and designers. Become a part of an art and design community. Enhance your portfolio. Pursue the career of your dreams. Make things. Have fun.

The College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) at the University of Cincinnati is a world-renown, prestigiously ranked design school, which successfully combines the benefits of a selective art school with the resources of a research university. Through its award-winning contemporary buildings and landscape design, the University of Cincinnati campus exudes a commitment to design. And the college’s active, interdisciplinary approach to education has cemented its reputation as one of the finest art and design schools in the world.

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is now available for the high school residential camps.

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► Residential Camps for High School Students

During DAAP’s week-long high school camps, running June 22-28, students experience first-hand the excitement and expectations of our academic programs by working on studio design projects with skilled and talented faculty from one of the world’s finest art and design schools. These camps allow students with the chance to experience their design passions, college-life, and career options in a pre-college residency camp. For details, download a 2014 DAAPcamps brochure.

► Business of Fashion High School Day Camp

The Business of Fashion, running from June 16-20, 9 am-5 pm, is a high school non-residential day camp for students interested in the business of fashion. From studying and predicting trends, to planning and executing a magazine photo shoot, the Business of Fashion studies the businesses that help promote and sell fashion once it is created. All of the experiential course work is exclusive to this camp and is not duplicated in the residential camp. For more information, download a 2014 DAAPcamps brochure.

► Middle School Day Camp

DAAPcamps is also hosting a middle school camp, running June 16-20. This camp provides middle school students with a half-day or full-day session of hands-on creative arts projects with DAAP’s Fine Art Education faculty. To find out more, download a 2014 DAAPcamps brochure.



DAAPcamps Dates

Middle School Day Camp
June 16-20

Business of Fashion
High School Day Camp
June 16-20

High School Residential Camp
June 22-28


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DAAPcamps 2014 Brochure

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