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Alumni Association

The College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) Alumni Association plays an important role in keeping our alumni connected to UC and the College of DAAP. The purpose of the DAAP Alumni Association (as it operates under the auspices of the University of Cincinnati Alumni Foundation) is:

  • To foster a spirit of loyalty to DAAP and to the university
  • To provide and/or foster activities between alumni and the students, faculty, and/or the community
  • To provide alumni services, activities, programming and fund raising support for DAAP
  • To encourage alumni participation in DAAP events and activities
  • To increase membership in the University of Cincinnati's Alumni Association

The governing body for the Alumni Association is the College of DAAP Alumni Executive Committee Board. The executive and the general board meets quarterly to discuss activities and issues pertaining to the alumni association program. There are 13 members on the board representing a broad cross section of majors and graduation years. Prospective members are recommended to the boards' nominating committee on an annual basis and voted on by the board members. The term of the executive committee elected officers is one year and may be reelected for one year; the general board member term is three years and may be reelected for three years.