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Jean Tatgenhorst Conrad Travel Fellowship Fund

This travel fellowship fund is available for fine arts or art history juniors who wish to visit a particular city, collection, or archaeological site. Students will submit a 3-5 page synopsis of their experiences gained through the assistance of the fellowship within 30 days of travel completion. The donor will receive a copy of this paper.


Juniors in Fine Arts or Art History


  • Award and Scholarship Application Cover Sheet
  • CV/resume
  • Letter of intent - This should provide clear details about where, when, and why you want to visit a particular city, art collection, or archaeological site. It should outline the potential impact upon your art or art history research.
  • An itinerary
  • A budget including the type of expense and costs. Provide greater detail only if necessary for understanding the budget.
  • Names of 2 faculty members that would support you


March 15

School of Art
6431 Aronoff