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Master of Science of Architecture Faculty

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Aarati K. Kanekar

Title: Assoc Professor
Office: 7211 Daa Addition
Tel: 513-556-0437


  • Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, U.S.A., 2000 (Architecture Theory).
  • S.M. Arch. S, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A., 1992 (Architecture Studies).
  • Dipl. Architecture, Center for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad, India, 1989 (Architecture (Professional degree)).


Peer-reviewed Publications

  • “Between Drawing and Building” in The Journal of Architecture, volume 15, issue 6 December 2010 (RIBA & Routledge) pp.771-794..
  • “From Building to Poem and Back: The Danteum as a Study in the Projection of Meaning Across Symbolic Forms” in The Journal of Architecture, volume 10, issue 2 April 2005 (RIBA & Routledge) pp. 135-159..
  • “Diagram and Metaphor in Design: The Divine Comedy as a Spatial Model,” in Special Issue of the Journal PHILOSOPHICA 2002: Diagrams and the Anthropology of Space, edited by Kenneth J. Knoespel, volume 69 (1) 2002 Vakgroep Wijsbegeerte en Moraalwetenschap (Ghent University, Belgium) pp. 37-58..
  • “Metaphor in Morphic Language.” Proceedings of the 3rd International Space Syntax Symposium, Atlanta, 2001. pp. 22.1-22.16 ..
  • “Shaping of Settlements: Temporal Events and Spatial Form in South Indian Temple Cities.” Proceedings of the ACSA International Conference 2000, Hong Kong. pp. 293-299 ..
  • “Visualizing the Invisible: A Study of Narrative and Compositional Structure in Calvino’s Invisible Cities” in Contesting Absences: Exploring Unexamined Influences, Proceedings of ACSA ‘99 West Regional Meeting, Portland, Oregon. pp. 273-279 ..
  • “Text and Discourse in 19th and 20th century Indian Architectural Studies” with Sonit Bafna in Constructing New Worlds, Proceedings of the ACSA ‘98 International Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, pp.345-348 ..
  • “Seduction of Destruction” in the 2006 IASTE Working Paper Series Volume 191
Politics and the Production of Space, Center of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley, pp. 1063-1078..

Invited Publications

  • “Detours in Autonomy” in Perspecta 46: Error (MIT Press, August 2013) pp. 262-283 ..
  • “La Construction Spatiale Du Sens En Architecture: Un Projet Transdisciplinaire” in TLE (Théorie Littérature Enseignement), Paris, 2002. pp. 139-156 ..

Published Books

  • (In Press). Architecture’s Pre-texts: Spaces of Translation (Routledge, January 2015)..

Book Chapters

  • (In Progress). “Catching the ‘Golden Songbird’: Migration and cultural identity in Bombay/Mumbai” in Architectural Theory: A Global Perspective, Vol. 2: After the Crisis of Modernism 1968 – the Present, edited by Nnamdi Elleh, Princeton Architecture Press)..

Encyclopedia Articles

  • Essays on “High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia”; “Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad”; “Vidhan Bhavan (State Assembly), Bhopal”; “Enterpreneurship Development Institute, Ahmadabad”; National Assembly Building, Sher-e-Banglanagar, Dhaka in Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Architecture, Three-volume Set edited by R. Stephen Sennot, (New York: Routledge Publishers, December 2003)..

Presentations & Lectures

Invited Presentations

  • Invited plenary speaker for International Conference on The Games of Architecture: Spatial Construction of Meaning in Architectural Design, School of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece, 2004.
  • “Diagrams/Games/Design languages” invited presentation at the symposium on New Transatlantic Passages between French and American Theory at the Centre de Recherche sur la Littérature et la Cognition (CRLC), Université Paris Saint-Denis, 2002.

Honors & Awards

  • Pogue Wheeler Traveling Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, U.S.A. [$2000] Travel to Ahmedabad, India, 2014..
  • Faculty Development Council, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, U.S.A. [$3775] for ICAHM Cuzco, Peru, 2012..
  • University Research Council Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, U.S.A. [$8000], 2009..
  • Pogue Wheeler Traveling Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, U.S.A. [$2000] Travel to Bangkok, Thailand, 2006..
  • University Research Council Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, U.S.A. [$14500], 2006..
  • Pogue Wheeler Traveling Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, U.S.A. [$2000], 2001..

Experience & Service

Courses Taught

  • M.Arch. Thesis
  • Research Methods M.S.Arch./Ph.D.
  • Research Methods M.Arch.
  • Cultural Approaches to Architecture
  • Visionary Projects and Theoretical Explorations
  • Representation and Translations Across Media
  • Contemporary Theories in Architecture
  • Critiques of Modernity - History Post 1966
  • M.Arch. and M.S. Arch. Colloquia