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Master of Science of Architecture

The Master of Science in Architecture is a post-professional degree, usually best suited to those who have completed a professional bachelor's degree, or those who have strong backgrounds in other fields and whose interest in architecture is of a theoretical or investigative nature. The program's broadly intellectual emphasis enables in-depth critical involvement and methodological acuity. The small program, with fewer than 20 students, enjoys the advantages of low student-faculty ratios and informality with most courses following the seminar format.

Attractions of the Program

While concentrating on the specific areas of research, the Master of Science in Architecture degree encourages students to explore rich possibilities in:

  • Theoretical Explorations
    Explore the world of architecture through the major ideas that have motivated its makers and critics.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
    Use generous open electives to connect your understanding of the built environment with other discourses and methods.
  • Intensive Mentoring in Research and Publication
    Prepare an ambitious written thesis on an aspect of architecture or design and submit is for grants or publications.
  • Diverse Specialization Opportunities
    Work with School faculty to develop advanced research in architectural theory or history, cultural and environmental studies, urban design, interior design, or other areas.
  • Historic Preservation Track
    Get a specialization in historic preservation including an additional certificate in historic preservation through a specialized curriculum.