MINTD Curriculum



The MINTD curriculum is a comprehensive post-professional graduate program two years in length requiring students to complete four academic semesters and one semester of structured graduate practicum work related to their research interests. The curriculum is composed of four interrelated academic course tracks: Design Studies; History, Theory, and Criticism; Design Science and Technology; Research and Electives.

The curriculum focuses on student-directed research that contributes to the body of knowledge of interior design. The second year combines a professional practicum semester between the summer and spring academic experience.  Students are expected to produce a design-based or theory-based graduate thesis at the end of the program.

For those interested in design education/teaching, educational practicums are available and further classwork is possible in the Ph.D. in Architecture program, which has a specialty area in Interior Design.  A seamless transition is possible from the MINTD and Ph.D. programs.

Fall Semester Year 1    
INTD 7001
Studio 1         6    
INTD 7021 Interior Design History, Theory, Criticism   3
INTD 7031 Research Methods 1   3
INTD 7081 Colloquium   3
PD 7001
Professional Development Seminar   1
Spring Semester, Year 1    
INTD 7002 Studio 2       3    
INTD 7022
Seminar 2   3
INTD 7032 Research Methods 2       3
INTD 7061 Illumination, Energy and Sustainability   3
XXXX Open Elective   6    
Summer Semester, Year 1    
INTD 8001 Thesis Studio 1: Research  
INTD 8021
Thesis Development Seminar   3
INTD 8081 Colloquium   
XXXX Open Elective   3
Summer Semester, Year 1    
Graduate Internship
Spring Semester, Year 2    
INTD 8002 Thesis Studio 2
XXXX Open Elective   6

  TOTAL CREDITS