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Udo Greinacher

Title: Associate Professor
Office: 5460C Daa Addition
Tel: 513-556-1128

Udo Greinacher teaches courses in architecture and urban design at the University of Cincinnati. He has lectured on urban and cultural issues in Europe and throughout the United States, and has participated and placed in several international and national design competitions in America and in Germany. His latest research investigates the relationship between film and architecture. Most recently he took over the editorship of "Competitions Magazine" Winning designs published in magazines include "California Unzipped," "The Fence," and "Staedtebaulicher Ideenwettbewerb Lahr." Published articles include "James Bond - a True Modernist?" published in Rob Weiner, Jack Becker, and Lynn Whitefield, eds., James Bond and Popular Culture: the Films are Not Enough! (Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars, 2010) "Fear and Dreaming in the American City: From Open Space to Cyberspace," (Princeton Architectural Press; 1997), "The New Reality: Media Technology and Urban Fortress," (JAE; February 1995), and "Berlin: The Wall of Shame," (Center of Environmental Design Research, Berkeley; 1991).

Research Information

Research Interests

Urban Design, Landscape Design Film Space, Animation Future Living / Future Cities Competitions