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Rainer Vomhofe

Title: Associate Professor
Office: 6209 Daa Addition
Tel: 513-556-3835

Biography: Born and raised in rural Bavaria, Rainer vom Hofe is a regional scientist whose work focuses on urban and regional economic development. He has studied and written about regional economic modeling, economic and fiscal impact analysis, as well as various quantitative planning methods. Dr. vom Hofe's most recent research activities focuses on evaluating the economic benefits of non-market amenities (such as parks and bike trails) have on single-family residential properties, through advanced spatial modeling techniques. A study with Dr. Olivier Parent, Economics, evaluating the effects of proximity to the Little Miami Scenic Trail in Cincinnati on property values was awarded a $21,000 interdisciplinary research grant from the University Research Council at UC. The first results of this research are posted on UC's website ( and have received nationwide attention. Dr. vom Hofe co-authored with Dr. Xinghao Wang Research Methods in Urban and Regional Planning (2007), a comprehensive book on the most important analytical methods for the planning profession. The book is a widely used text on planning methods in the US as well as overseas and is available in digital form through Tsinghao University Press, Beijing, and Springer, Berlin. His other academic work includes theoretical and applied papers on industrial clusters analysis: "Whither or not Industrial Clusters? Conclusions or Confusions" and "Method for Identifying Local and Domestic Industrial Clusters Using Interregional Commodity Trade Data." He also contributed three entries on applied regression analysis in Salkind (2010) Encyclopedia of Research Design. He has consulted on economic impact analysis projects and fiscal impact models, including the development of the OKI Fiscal Impact Analysis Model. Dr. vom Hofe earned a Ph.D. in Regional Science from Cornell University. For his doctoral dissertation research, he developed a regional Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model to assess selected housing policies in New York State. This research was supported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the award of a Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant (DDRG). Dr. vom Hofe also holds a master's degree in regional science from Cornell and a Dipl. Ing. (FH) in agricultural engineering from the Fachhochschule Weihenstephan, Germany. Prior to his academic career, vom Hofe managed the largest ranch project in West Africa for a period of five years. The project, which is located in Togo, employed 50 local employees and had a life stock of 2,800 cattle and 2,500 pigs on 21,000 acres land. Vom Hofe is currently serving his second five-year consecutive term as planning commissioner for the City of Cincinnati. He lives in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati with his wife and two children and enjoys soccer, hiking, travel, motorcycles, and live music. Most recent publications: Oana Mihaescu and Rainer vom Hofe. 2013. Using Spatial Regression to Estimate Property Tax Discounts from Proximity to Brownfields: A Tool for Local Policy Making, Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management. 15(1). Available online: Olivier Parent and Rainer vom Hofe. 2012. Understanding the Economic Benefits of Trails on Residential Property Values. Annals of Regional Science. Available online: Oana Mihaescu and Rainer vom Hofe. 2012. The Impact of Brownfields on Residential Property Values in Cincinnati, Ohio: A Spatial Hedonic Approach, Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy. 42(3). Available online:

Research Information

Research Interests

Urban and Regional Economics Economic Development Planning Spatial Statistical Analysis/Econometrics Real Estate Analysis Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis

Research Support

  • (Collaborator), Auffrey, Christopher; Honadle, Beth; Looye, Johanna; Vomhofe, Rainer; Zapata, Marisa, An External Evaluation of the Strong Economies Together (SET) Initiative, Department of Agriculture. (018000-340452-02/ RBS1039), $100,000.00. 05/01/2011 to 08/31/2013. Status: Active.
  • (Collaborator), Honadle, Beth; Vomhofe, Rainer; Zapata, Marisa, Advanced Evaluation of the Stronger Economies Together Initiative for U.S. Regional Rural Development, Department of Agriculture. (018000.340452.18 \ RBS1039), $49,451.00. 01/01/2013 to 12/31/2014. Status: Active.