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Mahyar Arefi

Title: Professor
Office: 6106 Daa Addition
Tel: 513-556-0210


  • PhD, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 1999 (Planning).

Research Information

Research Support

  • (Collaborator), Arefi, Mahyar; Edelman, David, Village of Morrow: Planning Study, Village of Morrow. (Studio Collaboration Agreement), $10,000.00. 01/01/2013 to 08/31/2013. Status: Active.


Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Mahyar Arefi (2013). The structure of visual difference: A comparative case study of Mariemont and Lebanon, Ohio. Urban Design International, 18 (4), 296.
  • Mahyar Arefi (2013). Towards a conceptual framework for urban management: The Iranian experience. City, Culture and Society, 4 (1), 37.
  • Arefi, Mahyar (2011). Rethinking the local knowledge approach to placemaking: Lessons from Turkey. Open House International, 36 (2), 97.
  • Arefi, Mahyar (2011). Order in informal settlements: A case study of Pinar, Istanbul. Built Environment, 37 (1), 42.

Invited Publications

  • Arefi, M., Deepika Andavarapu, & Albeniz Ezme (2014). (In Press). Kemal Ahmet Aru: The Triple Legacies.. The Turkish Chamber of Architects.

Published Books

  • Mahyar Arefi (2014). Deconstructing Placemaking: Needs, Opportunities, and Assets. London: Routledge.
  • Mahyar Arefi (2008). Asset-based Approaches to Community Development. UN-HABITAT.
  • Matturi Venkata, Arefi Mahyar (2014). The Elusive Dubai. Scholars' Press.

Book Chapters

  • Mahyar Arefi (2014). From Wicked Problems to Elusive Planning: Exploring Dubai‚Äôs Development Conundrum. In Silva, Elisabete, Patsy Healey, Neil Harris, and Pieter van den Broeck (Eds.), Research Methods in Spatial Planning: A Case-Based Guide to Research Design (pp.235-248). Routledge.
  • Mahyar Arefi (2011). Design for Resilient Cities: Reflections from an Urban Design Studio. In Banerjee and Loukaitou-Sideris (Eds.), Companion to Urban Design (pp.674-686). Routledge.

Presentations & Lectures

Invited Presentations

  • Arefi, Mahyar (2012). Elusive Planning and Dubai Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul.
  • Arefi, Mahyar (2012). Kemal Ahmet Aru: Triple Legacies Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul.
  • Arefi, Mahyar (2014). A Panel on Placemaking KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm.
  • Arefi, Mahyar (2014). Urban management with an emphasis on placemaking Tehran City Council, Tehran, Iran.

Experience & Service

Work Experience

  • st/ 2/Augu to 2/01/June, Visiting Professor, American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
  • 2009 to 2011, Associate Professor, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
  • 2006 to 2007, Fulbright Visiting Professor, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 1999 to 2005, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati.
  • 2005 to 2013, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati.