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International Development Concentration

Students who specialize in this area examine strategies for regional and national development planning as practiced in other countries. Recommended electives cover a myriad of topics including urbanization, qualitative research methods, rural development, ethnography, foreign languages, and strategies of economic development. International development planners work to promote sustainable growth and development in currently developing nations and to improve the rapport between cooperating and/or competing nations.

Students in the International Development specialization are required to complete 5 courses. These courses include the 3 required courses listed below and 2 electives chosen from the recommended elective list or similar courses in the university.

Required Courses

  • PLAN670 Planning Issues in Developing Nations
  • PLAN779 International Development Planning Policy

For international development methods, choose one of the following:

  • PLAN713 Economic Development Planning Methods

Recommended Methods Courses

  • PLAN702 Social Science Research
  • PLAN704 Economic Analysis for Planners
  • PLAN712 Planning Methods and Techniques

Recommended Electives (Choose Two)

  • PLAN713 Economic Development Planning Methods

African-American Studies (15-093-)

  • 508 Seminar on African History

Anthropology (15-091-)

  • 504: Ethnographic Models

Economics (15-080-)

  • 575: Economic Development
  • 838: Economic Development in the Third World

Sociology (15-090)

  • 704, 5, 6 Intermediate Social Statistics
  • 840: Qualitative Research Methods

Women's' Studies (15-083-)

  • 564: Women and Development