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Environmental Planning Concentration

Students in the Environmental Planning specialization may choose electives covering issues such as the preservation of natural areas and environmental features, the implementation of waste management strategies, pollution mitigation and control, environmental law and other related interests. Environmental planners strive for the integration of environmental values and ethics into land use planning, public policy and community plans. Implementation tools include the preparation of environmental impact statements (EIS), land use and acquisition guidelines and sustainable development programs.

Students in the Environmental Planning specialization are required to complete five courses. These courses include the three required courses listed below and two electives chosen from the recommended elective list or similar courses in the university.

Required Courses

  • 23PLAN603 Environmental Resource Analysis
  • 23PLAN606 Environmental Processes and Programs
  • 23PLAN609 Policy in Urban Design and Environmental Planning

Recommended Methods Courses (Choose Three)

  • 23PLAN702 Social Science Research
  • 23PLAN704 Economic Analysis for Planners
  • 23PLAN705 Methods of Physical Analysis
  • 23PLAN780 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems for Planners

Recommended Electives

Choose two for the MCP and one for the accelerated MCP.

  • 23PLAN580 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems for Planners
  • 23PLAN522,523,524 Special Topics in GIS
  • 23PLAN608 Seminar in Urban Design and Environmental Planning

Economics (15-080-)

  • 592 Economics and the Environment
  • 593 Economics of Natural Resources

Geography (15-041-)

  • 573 The Urban Habitat
  • 576 Principles of Remote Sensing
  • 581 GIS, Environmental Applications

Civil and Environmental Engineering (20-257-)

  • 257 Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • 543 Hydrology
  • 614 Solid Waste Management
  • 627 Mathematical Principles of Environmental Systems
  • 641,2,3 Environmental Engineering Seminar (considered as one elective)
  • 646 Biological and Microbiological Principles of Environmental Systems
  • 647 Chemical Principles of Environmental Systems
  • 653 Physical Principles of Environmental Systems
  • 661 Pollution Prevention and Economics
  • 666 Environmental Risk Analysis and Assessment
  • 667 Environmental Impact Analysis

College of Law (24-538-)

  • 871 Environmental Law I 882 Environmental Enforcement

Environmental Health (26-904-)

  • 745 Introduction Environment
  • 750 Public Policy and Environmental Health
  • 772 Energy and Environment 776 Introduction to Epidemiology
  • 834 Hazardous Waste Management
  • 835 Environmental Quality Management
  • 987 Risk Management